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Increase Voter Turnout

Why do people vote the way they do and what can candidates do to sway the votes of those that go to the polls? ...

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Security Defence Policy

Since its beginnings with the European Coal and Steel Community in 1952, the European Union has moved far beyond economic ideas of a single market ...

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Policy Impact And Responses

Many factors influence the formulation of US energy policy. ...

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Voter Turnout In General Elections

Throughout the world there are numerous forms of government, with democracy being the preferred choice of governing among many nations. ...

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Natos Mission In Kosovo

In the course of the NATO mission and its ramifications to people all over the world, a number of literature depicting this issue and concerns in international laws ...

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A Comparative Study On Compulsory Voting

This study explores various aspects of democracy and compulsory voting in the present political scenario with particular focus on the USA....

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Mauritian Political System

The absence of youth in the Mauritian political system is quite alarming but still no statement is being made about it. ...

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