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Nutrition Essays

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Health Consumers Food

Forces and Trends Research Step 1 A)Forces or trends Health and taste and flavor are the two forces that are prominent in the fast food industry. Health Consumers of the fast food are now becoming very much concerned about the natural healthy food. A survey report shows that 63% of the consumers chose those...

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Diabetes Mellitus Glucose

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a heterogenous syndrome with polygenic origin. Type 2 diabetes mellitus involves both defective insulin secretion and peripheral insulin resistance (1). There is a progressive deterioration in β-cell function over time regardless of the type of therapy. Pancreatic islets are found to be...

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Clean Food Health

The issues surrounding the laws of clean and unclean food have been heavily debated within the Judea/Christian circles for a long period of time. ‘Why should God be concerned about what we eat? The purpose of my research is to attempt to understand why these laws were set within the...

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Overweight Obesity Cholesterol

A Growing Problem Can you believe that more than fifty percent of the American population is overweight? Chiropractic and Medical Doctor, Wayne Hodges stated in a personal interview (June 15, 2006) that, “Sixty six percent, or two thirds, of the population are overweight.” There are thousands of books, internet sites,...

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Obesity America Health

Obesity continues to be a growing crisis in the United States. Too many people aren't taking into account that it's become a serious health threat that people can prevent, but it's as if people aren't trying. Too much food in too many places and so much technology made...

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Food Healthy Americans

Does food really affect your mood and can eating healthy and exercising daily contribute to a healthy mental state? Could eating high fatty food, sugary or high carbohydrate meals...

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Salmonella Saintpaul Outbreak

Salmonella Saintpaul Outbreak (April 2008) As of June 22, 2008, an on-going multi-jurisdictional collaboration and epidemiologic investigation of the outbreak, a sudden rise in the incidence (Webster Dictionary), of human Salmonella serotype Saintpaul (Salmonella sp.) infections are being conducted by federal (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)), state and local...

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Food Consumption Demand Supply

A good knowledge of demand and supply structure and consumer behaviour is essential for a wide range of development policy questions like improvement in nutritional status, food subsidy, sectoral and macroeconomic policy analysis, etc. An analysis of food consumption patterns and how they are likely to shift with changes in...

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Eating Disorders are common in older Athletes

Eating disorders can be common among athletes. This may be due to the pressure of the sporting background that commonly precipitates the beginning of these problems. In this day and age certain obsessive behaviour such as extreme exercise and also erratic eating habits have become a normal part of society....

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Protein Soy Body

whey protein vs soy protein It is a fact that every one wants to have a fit as well as well shaped body. People try large number of things in order to make their body look fit as well as beautiful. It was the thing of past when people were not...

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Egg Protein Powder

Benefits of Egg Protein Powder Egg protein powder is a protein supplement that is popular among athletes, body builders and those are looking to supplement their protein intake and are looking for a healthy solution. Eggs and egg protein powders have long been a staple among body builders and the egg...

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Heart Attack Blood

HEART ATTACK What is a Heart Attack? A heart attack or commonly known as myocardial infarction is produced when the muscle of our heart do not receive the blood needed to function. Our body carries blood full of oxygen and other nutrients, which are needed for the different organs to function and maintain...

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a series of birth defects such as physical, mental, behavioral and learning problems caused by the mother drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Kenneth Jones and David Smith at the University of Washington in Seattle officially identified Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in 1973 (Golden 1). The exact...

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Food Nutrition History

The history of food and nutrition dates back as far as the beginning of recorded history. In the era of hunters and gathers, people knew that they had to eat in order to survive. The teachings and techniques that were used to obtain food at that time came...

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Diet Nutrition Weight

HEALING AMERICA'S POPULATION THROUGH KNOWLEDGE OF DISEASE AND NUTRITION: AN INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACH Introduction Though the United States is one of the most powerful nations on earth, as far as developing new fields of science and technology, the one area in which America does not dominate nor excel is health. Specifically, America is...

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