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If you're struggling with your essay, then we're here to help. UK Essays provides assistance with over 10,000 assignments every single year to students who, just like you, are looking to improve their grades.

Whether you're looking to use our service to boost your grade or simply to help ensure you submit your essay on time, then don't worry – our service offers complete peace of mind. We're the only essay writing service that work proactively to prevent quality problems by providing you with a comprehensive quality report with every order. Here at UK Essays, we also go to great lengths to monitor our researchers effectively throughout the writing process. This helps us to ensure that your work is not only remarkably well written but also delivered on time, so there's never any need to worry about meeting your deadline.

Why should I choose UK Essays?

We know there are a lot of cheap essay writing services on the market, but the truth is that you really do get what you pay for. With UK Essays, you are paying for a premium service that:

  1. Makes guarantees with an intention of keeping them – Here at UK Essays, we understand the impact that receiving a poor essay writing service can have on your academic studies. As such, we don't just guarantee a refund if you don't receive the quality of work you ordered – we proactively prevent quality problems from arising with a thorough quality control process. We also provide you with a comprehensive report detailing all of the checks made during the quality control process and our findings, so you can have complete peace of mind and see evidence that, unlike the competition, we take quality seriously.
  2. Takes plagiarism seriously – We know that if you pay for a custom essay, you expect exactly that! You want work that is custom and personalised to your exact requirements. Here at UK Essays, we have developed our own plagiarism prevention software that we use to check the originality of the work we produce. Not only do we scan against online sources (in the same way as TurnItIn or WriteCheck), we also check against all of the other work we produce. This means that if you're placing an order with a friend, we can guarantee that both pieces will be entirely original when compared to each other, even if you placed your order on the exact same day. We're also the only essay writing service on the market that provides you with a copy of the plagiarism scan so you can see evidence of the originality of the work that your writer has produced.
  3. Delivers your work leaving you plenty of time before submission – We know how important it is to have your custom essay before your submission deadline. Not only do you need time to check the accuracy of the work that we have provided, but also the time to learn from the essay and prepare your work for submission to your University. Here at UK Essays, we monitor the progress of our researchers and proactively prevent problems that could prevent the delivery of your work on time.
  4. Pays the highest rates in the industry to its writers – A great essay needs a great writer. We pay the best rates to attract the finest academic talent – these academics demand hourly wages in the region of £20 per hour. If you consider that the average essay (including research time) takes approximately a day to complete, our rates are much more realistic than the majority of our competitors. Many of our competitors' prices are so low that they are forced to use foreign writers in countries such as Pakistan, India and China where the salary expectations are much lower. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these writers lack the academic qualifications, writing skill of a native speaker and access to academic sources required to proficiently craft a model essay.

These four benefits set us apart from all the competition, so don't gamble with your education, grade and future – place your order today.

  • All of our work is delivered to a standard you expect

    To standard

    We guarantee the quality of all the work we deliver.

  • All of our work is on time

    On time

    Every order delivered on time or your work is free.

  • All of our work is plagiarism free

    Plagiarism free

    Every order is carefully checked for originality.

Other service features

There are a wide variety of additional service features that come as standard with your essay writing service from UK Essays. These include:

Don't let the small print, hidden costs and dodgy guarantees catch you out with other essay writing services. Place your order with UK Essays for a reliable service you can trust.