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Critical appraisal



This assignment requires each group to examine and select a paper for critical appraisal. The tutor will provide you with a list of suitable articles formally published in information systems journals, so your group MUST select ONE from the list. You are required to thoroughly and critically read the article and fully understand it before attempting to address the assignment questions. To be able to do that you will have to do much background reading from textbooks and other academic articles related to the topic. You must use adequately research evidence to support your review and comments. If you attempt to read the article in a vacuum, i.e. with no reference to other reading, your critical appraisal will be weaker.

Important Guidelines

Some guidelines are offered to enable you to prepare the critical appraisal of the chosen paper. The steps are suggested as follows:

Focus of your critique

It might be helpful if you follow the following guidelines in your report:

Format and requirements

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