Information Technology Essay Questions

  1. What factors motivated the bank to outsource aspects of its IT/IS and why? In thinking beyond the bank case study, why is outsourcing perceived as a strategic option?
  2. Discuss, evaluate, reflect on and summarise subject-specific legal, social, ethical and professional issues in the context of the IT Professional.
  3. Many organisations outsource IT business functions offshore. Why do they do this? What are the pros and cons of outsourcing? What is the impact on the IT organisation when some aspects of its responsibilities are outsourced?
  4. Outline and discuss what you understand by the 'Internet of Things' and explain how it will be different and what possible advantages this development will bring.
  5. The client is looking for an Information Management report and a small Microsoft Access 2007 database with screen shots.
  6. The idea of 'information society' has been criticised in several ways.