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Sociology Example Essays

Example Sociology Essays

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A collection of Example Sociology Essays

Below you will find a large collection of Example Sociology Essays which have been submitted to us by our student friends for publishing, with their permission, to help you.

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Sociology: Critical appraisal statistical inference - article by Tamir (1988)

Write a critical appraisal of the author’s use of statistical inference and more general issues of presentation in the article by Tamir (1988).

Academic achievement throughout school has a major impact on the opportunities which are available to individuals with regards to further education and once they leave the educational system. Improving levels of educational attainment in the UK is a consistent component of government agenda, with a particular focus on lessening inequalities across the population (Cassen & Kingdon, 2007, online). Understanding factors which influence academic achievement is therefore clearly important in the design of effective educational policy. It has been relatively well established that there are gender differences in general educational attainment. Although this is less marked in the UK than in many other countries, it is a general trend across Europe and internationally (Buchmann et al., 2008, p. 319; Eurydice, 2009, p. 74).


Sociology: Discerning New Forms of Solidarity

Discerning New Forms of Solidarity that Go Beyond Nation, Religion and Social Class

One thing that is clearly evident is that human beings have consistently developed new forms of solidarity as we have evolved from roaming bands of hunters and gatherers to a digital society with swiftly eroding national borders. Organisations such as Médecins sans Frontières, The Red Cross, and Amnesty international were created as platforms of international solidarity (Baglioni 2001, p. 224).


Sociology: Race in the 19th & 20th century

Examine how ideas about race were elaborated in the second half of 19th century and the early 20th century.

‘Race is a historically and culturally specific notion, embedded in a constellation of economic, political, and cultural discourses and uniquely linked to specific relations of power and authority’ (Hirschfield, 1998, p.34).


Sociology: Are social problems socially constructed or biologically determined?

The debate over whether social problems are socially constructed or biologically determined takes us immediately into the realms of constructivism and positivism. As such, we must begin our essay by offering a definition of the two fundamentally important sociological paradigms.


Sociology: For Sociology Essays

Part One of Four: Building skills. Can the sectors with the most employment opportunities be defined in order to better target skills training or retraining?


Sociology: Racism

Racism involves rejection, discrimination and the "setting apart" of others based on the colour of their skin or membership of an ethnic group. The discrimination that comes with racism maintains power, material, economic, political and structural inequalities between the groups involved.


Sociology: What impact has social policy in Britain had on minority ethnic groups?

One of the greatest challenges for social policy in Britain has been to encompass minority ethnic groups, and in many ways it has failed to achieve this. Bochel points out that for many years social policy has been reluctant to recognize ethnic diversity, intending to be universal in character, so the issue of race has long been overlooked.


Sociology: Young people's identities today are more 'Individualised'

Is it correct to suggest that young people's identities today are more 'Individualised' than in earlier generations?
How people define themselves in relationship to society is an ongoing concern of sociology. This essay examines the question of whether young people’s identities are more individualised today than they were in earlier generations.


Sociology: Family Social Control

Family structure and interaction assume cardinal functions in the social control theories and delinquency. However, myriad factors are assimilated with family configuration and criminal behavior and consequently folk's relations and felony. Akers R.L. (1998).Family interface dynamics include; management and control, character prop up, compassionate and dependence cherished communique, influential communication, parental condemnation of peers and variance, these factors have the equivalent upshots on crime in both-parents. Akers R.L. (1998).

Paucity or stumpy proceed echelon is a prime factor that puts more emphasis as a primary illustration for criminal traits. Research findings have shown that scarcity is the genesis to most unsociable performances. Akers R.L. (1998). In the regard to the family constitution, dealings by particular family members influence the functional dimensions of others.


Sociology: Prison Rehabilitation Comparison

Websters dictionary defines prison as a place of confinement especially for lawbreakers; specifically: an institution (as one under state jurisdiction) for confinement of persons convicted of serious crimes. The idea and reasoning behind prison has been an issue of great controversy especially in the 20th century. It has been greatly criticised due to its apparent lack of rehabilitation and early releases of paedophiles and rapists, especially in recent news with the release and re-offence of known paedophile Craig Sweeny.

However recent data and statistics have shown a significant decrease in levels of crime both in the UK and US. This paper will attempt to give a balanced argument both in support and against the imprisonment system and attempt to answer whether or not prison does in fact work. Prison systems across the world will be looked at and a comparison will be made between systems in the UK and those in other countries.


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