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Nursing Example Essays

Example Nursing Essays

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A collection of Example Nursing Essays

Below you will find a large collection of Example Nursing Essays which have been submitted to us by our student friends for publishing, with their permission, to help you.

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Nursing: Identify a patient, stating the reason for admission/appointment

Identify a patient, stating the reasonfor admission/appointment. It must be on diabetes. Describe a specific problemthat has been highlighted through the assessment process. Explore factors thatmay have led to their hospital admission/appointment. This could includephysical psychological and social aspects.


Nursing: Patient Safety Healthcare Nursing

Patient safety has always been the heart of healthcare practice and nursing through the history of medicine. However, all through the world occasional non-deliberate accidental harm occurs to patients looking for care. Such unfavorable incidents can occur at all levels of healthcare whether clinical or managerial, curative or preventive, and in general healthcare, or private. It may occur at any stage of management (radiology, laboratory, operating room, ward, or ICU).

The WHO, at the meeting held on July 2006, in New Delhi, India, identified an adverse event as a separate unconnected incident associated with health care, which results in in-deliberate injury, illness, or death. Such incidents can be preventable as with contaminated injections.


Nursing: Stress Nursing Job

Since the education in nursing has accelerated form diploma to degree, faculties of nursing is facing more stress in academia. Job in military has its own terms and conditions which are important to obey without arguing. Perhaps that is the reason to suffer in stress. Therefore, in paper after giving introduction I will be writing background of job related stress in army. Relatively, description of issue, literature review, integration of theory to my topic and following that analysis of issue in literature review, further I will be giving recommendations, final position and at the end I will conclude my paper.

The 21st century is challenging for nursing education. These challenges have put enormous responsibilities on nursing faculty. These changes included paradigm shift of diploma to degree nursing education. However, the reason of this change is to produce competent knowledge able and skillful nurses, and on the other hand it is causing stress in faculty.


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