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Technology improves life

Nowadays, people use the technology to make their life better, easier and more enjoyable. Also, the technology can make their society more convenient and safe. Without the technology the world wouldn't be what it`s today. the technology has made the world smaller and made things easier. According to the American heritage science dictionary "Technology is the use of scientific knowledge to solve practical problems, especially in industry and commerce. Also, the specific methods, materials, and devices used to solve practical problems." (Houghton Mifflin Company 2005).

One of the major benefits of technology is the great advances in medical science .It saves a lot of innocent lives and we can't dispensable it in medicine today. It discovers many serious diseases and find newer ways to cure them. Also, getting everything easily and faster .we can download from the internet any song, music and movie instead of buying them. Although there are many benefits of technology, what people do not understand is technology can be harmful to the society. Omar Bradley says "If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner." (Omar Bradley 1893-1981).In this essay, I would like to analyses how the technology can be harmful to the society.

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Laziness is a major side effect of technology in society. Who can remember when people had to go to the library to research for a topic or had to go morning to get news paper? When the Internet was introduced, people never thought it would be like today. Now , people are able to do everything in internet while they are sitting such as research ,getting the latest news , reading books and sending emails .Also, at the moment the lectures give assignment to the students, they do plagiarism instead of going to the library or doing by their own word. One of the effects of technology is cybercrime. Cybercrime is a crime related to any electronic device. According to James R. Richards "Cybercrime is computers are responsible directly or indirectly for every aspect of our lives, from the operation of our cars to our personal banking to flow of date in our business. With the exponential rise in the legitimate uses of computers, it follows that there would be an inevitable increase in their illegitimate use" (James R. Richards, 1999). For example, hack the emails and the computers are the simplest crime of cybercrime. Also, one of the most popular crimes committed on the internet is attaching websites. In recent years, some teachers were hacked their computers by students to get the exam papers.

Less motivated is the second effect of technology in society. Always people choose the easiest way to solve their problems and this led to less thought and work. The problem is if someone get in terrible no one will help him and this can make him frustrated and less motivated. Example of less motivated is students fail to do their work because they play games in their computer all the day instead of working on their lesson plan. Also, nowadays people start to use a technology way such as calculator to resolve mathematics exercises instead of using their brain.

Less tolerant is the third effect of technology in society .Nowadays , productivity is the most important but the rights and the needs of workers have become less priority .Also, the workers have to do not just more work ,but also they have to work more faster .This strategies includes any methods for producing products. The problem is these equipments give employers something they want: cheap labor, make the job easier and create a need for fewer people. In this way, technology affects the society to become less tolerant. Therefore, people begin to expect these equipments to help them to solve their problems more faster.


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