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Innocent Drinks is a UK based company founded in 1999 whose primary business is producing smoothies and flavoured spring water, sold in supermarkets, coffee shops and various other outlets nationally as well as in Ireland, Amsterdam, Germany, France, Austria, Brussels and Copenhagen. Innocent has a 71% share of the £169m UK smoothie market and the company sells two million smoothies per week(BBC News, 2009).


Innocent was founded by three Cambridge graduates - Richad Reed, Adam Balon and Jon Wright; at the time they were working in consulting and advertising. The three were friends at St John's College. In 1998, after spending six months working on smoothie recipes and £500 on fruit, the trio sold their drinks from a stall at a music festival in London. People were asked to put their empty bottles in a 'yes' or 'no' bin depending on whether they thought the three should quit their jobs to make smoothies. At the end of the festival the 'YES' bin was full, with only three cups in the 'NO' bin, so they went to their work the next day and resigned. After quitting their jobs, the three had a lucky break when Maurice Pinto, a wealthy American businessman, decided to invest £250,000 (The Guardian , 2009). The company's HQ, Fruit Towers, is based in Shepherds Bush. On 2 December 2007 Innocent Drinks appeared at number 40 in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100, a list of the fastest growing private companies in the UK. It was the only company to have appeared in this list for the last five years consecutively (The Guardian , 2009).

Product features

All our drinks are made from pure, fresh and naturally grown fruits and we don't use any artificial or genetically modified ingredients. Each of the bottles of our drinks provides the daily fruit requirements and provides the 25% vital vitamins required daily. Children drinks are specially made to provide all the essential vitamins to sustain their growth. Young drinks are highly refreshing and energy boosting. It is perfectly suitable with the fast life style of today's young generation. Adult drinks are designed considering the needs of working adults who just not only need a fruit juice, but also something extra to give them a refreshing, natural feeling and which is helpful to keep them fit. Our adult ranges drinks are completely capable of deliver these expectations. All our products are examined and certified by the standard quality assurance institute of United Kingdom.

Product design

There will be three kinds of bottle available- 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml bottle. Children drink will come with only 250 ml bottle. Young, adult and older- these drinks will come with 250 ml and 500 ml bottle. 1000ml bottle will be served for family.

Quality safety

Our products are tested by The British Soft Drink Association and Food Standard Agency. Our raw products and all the ingredients are rigorously checked at every level of manufacturing by our expert food quality specialist and all our raw materials come from the reliable suppliers who also strongly maintain the international food safety standard.

Market characteristics

Time: Fruit juices are now available for whole year because of the technological advancement of storing product for longer time and its not a seasonal market. Demand for juice is existed all year round.

Growth: The growth of the market is in its infant level but expected to be competitive soon because of people's concern about health and diet. Over the past two years alone, sales of chilled, high quality and natural juice have increased by a staggering 60 per cent to some £768 million (€1.1bn), according to Mintel data.

In 2004, fruit juice accounted for 60 per cent of the overall £2.32 billion market for fruit juice and juice drinks (those containing less than 100 per cent fruit juice with added ingredients).

Market size: Current fruit juice market account for 60 per cent of the overall £2.32 billion market for fruit juice and juice drinks. Market size is increasing rapidly, mainly because of the high concern of health and fitness and people's declining interest on traditional soft-drinks which are high in calorie and one of the main reasons for obesity. According to BBC's report, in the U.K 2.2 billion litres of fruit juice are consumed, around 36 litres for every man, woman and child every year.

Consumer type: According to government statistics report population in U.K was 59.8 million in mid 2004 and for the first time the number of over 65 people are higher than that of children. Ageing population is increasing substantially and they are becoming significant market segmentation. With a strong income level consumers have strong spending power and they are interested in quality, healthy food and drinks.

Market potential

  1. Market size: As we have seen from previously stated data that market for fruit juice is expanding rapidly in the U.K, it's obvious that people concern about health and healthy diet would push the market size up in future.
  2. Market segment: We have segmented our market into 4 category based on people's age and these are children, young people, adult and older people. All of these segments are equally important and there are huge opportunities behind these segments.
  3. Market Location: There are huge opportunities to increase the market and go for international market as according to various report European people are getting more concerned about health and already the sale fruit juice has increased in many European countries.

Competitors analysis

  1. Main competitors: Innocent smoothie drink is now in command position in the market with a 30% slice of a market with a retail value of about £50m, according to market researchers AC Nielsen. The market has a number of strong brands including names such as Del Monte, Robinsons, Tropicana, Lucozade, Ribena, Sunny Delight and Shloer. New product launches in 2000 included Fruit Shoot and Juice Up from Britvic Soft Drinks Ltd, Fruit Burst and Smoothies from Del Monte Foods (UK) Ltd, and Light Sunny Delight and bottles for immediate consumption from Tropicana United Kingdom Ltd.
  2. Competitors strength: Compare to our company, competitors are much ahead than us regarding brand reputation, market share, loyal customers and market location. Innocent smoothie drink has been popular among U.K customers as at the moment its only serving 100% fruit juice. PepsiCo is a global company and their operation is much larger than any other company. Tropicana fruit juice has also substantial market share with large amount of customers. All of these companies are relatively more experienced than us and their promotional activities are also large.
  3. Weaknesses of competitors: Though our competitors are well ahead of us in some respects but they have some weaknesses as well. Most of the company who are selling fruit juices are actually not selling 100% pure fruit juice. Consumers are now getting more concerned about that. Their product range is also lower than us. In price and product features case, they are not fully prepared to serve the customers expectation. None of them has yet targeted the older people segment so significantly where we see more opportunities.

SWOT Analysis

Strength of the company

  • Products: Our products are highly competitive and have the potential to fulfil the current demand of the consumers.
  • Price: High quality food but low price- is a strong strategy of the company. Keeping the price down could give high market advantages.
  • Financial position: The Company is fully solvent and has the fluent capital for the investment. It will prevent the company to fall into any unexpected debt or burden.
  • Distribution channel: The Company has a range of strong distributor which are largely visited by people and situated in the main city area.
  • Efficient workforce: The Company has a group of efficient, motivated and skilled workforce who are dedicated for company success.
  • Market knowledge: Though the company is new in this market but it has highly experienced management staffs that have previous market knowledge.
  • Community relation: Company has various plans to work with the different communities around the country and it would help to improve public relation.

Weakness of the company

  • Weak brand reputation: We have relatively less brand reputation comparing to our competitors.
  • Smaller distribution channel: The distribution channel is smaller than that of our competitors.
  • Customer relation: We are still unknown by the consumers and virtually we don't have loyal group of customers.
  • Pricing policy: A lower price strategy would generate lower profit margin.
  • Marketing location: As the company mainly concentrated on the urban areas, customers from rural area would be out of using company products thus the company would loss huge number of customer.
  • Product feature: The Company is only concentrating on natural, fruit smoothie and it would prevent them to gain advantages from selling other various kinds of juice such as chilled fruit juice, concentrated fruit juice etc.


  • Growing market: As we have seen from the previous data that fruit juice market is growing rapidly, there are many opportunities laying in this market Varying the products features and benefits, market can be extended a lot.
  • Emerging sectors: Along with fruit juice, chilled drinks, healthy drinks and nutritional drinks market are also growing and the popularity of these products are helping to open new sectors.
  • Changing social attitude: People now don't just see fruit drink as children drink but they have realized that its good source of healthy diet. With the hectic and busy lifestyle, people are now more interested to be physically fit and healthy.
  • Market competition: A big player in this market. PepsiCo, are often accused of their products being too sweet added and high calorie. It's a good opportunity to turning these unsatisfied customers into our products.
  • Technological advantage: Technology is helping significantly to ensure stable level of agricultural products growth and maintaining operation smooth. With the new technology it could be easier to manufacture, distribute and operate our products.
  • Government co-operation: Government is trying hard to make people educated about healthy diet and drink. It's a good opportunity to work with the government in the same strategy and gain our own objectives.


  • Competitors: Competitors are always a threat for company operation. Innocent smoothie drink is planning to extend their market and go for international market. PepsiCo's buying of U.K famous brand PJ Smoothie would give it a larger operation and advantages in the U.K market. Tropicana's sale has increased over the year and it could extend it business more.
  • Weather: Rapid environment change and several weather disasters which have happened throughout the year have affected the growth and supply of fruit. America's Katrina tornado had done substantial damage to the fruit production which can affect the U.K fruit supply.
  • Political situation: Current political situation and increasing oil price can significantly affect the whole economic structure at any point.


Innocent Ltd is a U.K based, privately owned company offering a range of high quality and diet friendly smoothie fruit juice to the market. Our mission is to serve the customers high quality natural, fruit 'smoothie' drink prepared with the best quality raw materials within an affordable price and gradually increase our market share every year. Our products are consisting of different kinds of natural, fruit drink targeting the huge market of different segments of the population. Our target market is fragmented into four main categories - 1. Children 2. Young people 3.Adult and 4. Older people and we have in total 24 different products. All products will be available in the superstores, retail shops and corner shops.


Serving the customers 100% natural and pure fruit juice with the highest quality with low price. Gaining strong market share within 5 year and keep the growth steady and stable.

For the first year our objective is to sell 70 million liters of juice where market demand at this moment is 1200 million. We are going to sell our products from February 2006 in the U.K market and it will be served in all the branch of Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Mark and Spenser, along with superstores and we want to sell around 5 million liters of fruit drink in our first month.

From December 2005 we are going to advertise our products in the national newspaper, radio and billboard. We are also going to sponsor a range of sports events starting from January 2006. Our public relation team is going to participate with various community works from January 2006. All these activities have been designed to effectively promote our products and make people aware of us.

Vision statement:

We will maintain the reputation of being the dealership that customers will buy and service their BMW's from because it is easy and enjoyable for them.

BMW SMART objective

  • Specific - Objective is to go out on a high level of sales.
  • Measurable - 'To Fill the Plant' this not only optimizes BMW but ensures long term viability
  • Agreed - Approved to the customer for their quality.
  • Realistic - When are we going to achieve it and when will we start?
  • Timetabled - At the same time each new generation of vehicle offers enhanced performance and dynamics.


Organizations are as individual as nations and societies. They have widely differing cultures, and these are reflected in their values, ideals and beliefs. The culture of an organisation influence the way in which it operates, so it is necessary to understand the culture before deciding how people might contribute to the success or failure of the organisation.

Put in simple terms, the culture of an organisation can be defined as:

'The Way We Do Things Here!'

Organisational cultures determine the way in which things get done, for example:

  • The way newcomers are welcomed to the organisation
  • Approaches to new technology
  • Approaches to work
  • Attention to detail

Types of organisational culture

  • Power culture: Based on personalities, Small size, good personal relations.
  • Role culture: Roles, not personalities, no entrepreneurial, stability, slow to change.
  • Task culture: team based, Results-orientated, Costly (because of variety), Job satisfaction.
  • Personal culture: Individual based, Rare, existential culture.

Situational analyses (PEST analysis)

Political situation

  • Legislation: U.K government has currently recommended to specify about fruit juice products and it should be specified whether its concentrated fruit juice or 100% pure fruit juice.
  • Health and safety: Health and safety regulation is strict in the U.K and it's a major concern for the company whether its employee's health and safety or consumers health and safety.
  • Labour cost: Minimum wage has been increased by the government and it can directly affect company's cost.
  • European agricultural agreement: The business relation among the European countries is strong because of various agreement and treaty. It is helpful to get and use the raw material from European countries.

Economic situation

  • Inflation: Inflation rate in 2005 is still lower than that of January 2004, according to BBC's report. But increased wages and oil price could lead to higher inflation in near future.
  • Economic growth: According to government statistics economic growth is stable and rising; though at slower rate.
  • Price: As inflation rate is lower than expected, price of materials is reasonable at this point. But it's uncertain how long it will be like that as there is uncertainty about oil price, housing market situation and consumers spending.

Socio-cultural situation

  • Education: People are concerned more about health and fitness than before and in various educational institutions people are getting aware of healthy foods and drinks. It's a big advantage for our products to be popular among consumers.
  • Environment: As there is growing tension about environment its necessary to operate all the activities obliged by the guidelines of the government. Recyclable packaging, less waste-making machinery and environment friendly system should be used to operate manufacturing.
  • Population: Population is increasing and surprisingly ageing population as well. Therefore that segment of ageing population should be noticed.
  • Change in lifestyle: The most important advantage for our products is the people's attitude towards healthy lifestyle. As our products are made of natural food and helpful for healthy lifestyle, current population would welcome it hugely if strong strategies be utilized.

Technological situation

Improvement has been done in the industrial machinery and new technology should be used by the company to get the advantages. It can reduce cost and increase revenue.

Implementation of the strategy:

When formulating a strategic plan, some essential factors must be incorporated. These factors outline the whole process of planning and evaluating strategic objectives.

Review and Control

Mission: The purpose of the organisation will be defined in its mission statement. All other activities will relate and contribute to this ultimate goal.

Objectives: The objectives define how the mission will be completed. These objectives will be short-term versions of the mission.

Internal environment: This factor evaluates the working power of the organisation, mainly in terms of resources, skill and capabilities.

External environment: External influences such as the government, society and competition will be evaluated at this stage.

Corporate analysis: The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are evaluated in order to structure the decisions made by the organisation in terms of growth and other achievement goals.

Strategic choice: Long term development plans will be considered and decided upon. The most suitable options will be implemented following this.

Strategic implementation: Strategic planning for various business counterparts such as marketing and production will be decided.

Review and control: The final assessment of the strategic plan will be evaluated; measured mainly by sales and growth.

Current success and future prospects

Advantages to Toyota

Competition can be very dynamic and fast moving. Despite of these barriers, Toyota has been maintaining a strong position in the market; in some countries being the market leader.

One very important factor that contributes to the success of Toyota in the competitive market is due to their unique hybrid energy technology. The company is able to differentiate itself from competition as superior in the technological field.

Porter (1996) suggests that an organisation should have a strategy that will give an advantage to a company by means of cost leadership, differentiation or focus.

Toyota has adopted a differentiation leadership. The superior technology has allowed the organisation to excel in its market against competition by providing 'better' technology in its vehicles.

Differentiation has several benefits; such as high market share, low competition, high value products and higher profit margins. It can be argued that it may accommodate an initial chance for a monopoly. On the other hand, 'me-too' companies can copy directly or indirectly the essence that differentiates Toyota from other firms; although there is a barrier of expensive research and development and marketing.

As long as Toyota can remain stable as a differentiated organisation, it may prosper as long as possible.

Growth opportunities

As well as internal growth, Toyota may want to consider growing externally through means of mergers or partnerships with other organisations.

Between the 1930s and 2000, Toyota and Ford have been planning partnerships that could be mutually beneficial, although nothing solid was formed. Currently, Toyota provides Ford with technology for gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles through various third-part firms; such as Aisin Seiki.

Forming such alliances with rival companies can be very beneficial, but it can be destructive as well. Although there may be common ground for a partnership, individual agendas often cause conflict, especially when it comes to competing for higher market shares. Depending on the type of partnership, the benefits may outweigh the risks and be a success to both parties.

Opportunities are available for Toyota to use vacant factories for production of cars in the United States. Toyota has already made a deal with car manufacturer Subaru to utilize on of their factories in Indiana with an expected production rate of 100,000 units per year of Toyotas Camry model. Such mutual partnerships may be an opportunity for Toyota and Ford.


Many of Toyotas product lines have outdated technology but are being created mainly for aesthetic and other miscellaneous reasons. The profits on these product lines are expected to be fairly small, but worthwhile. However, legislation may make it a lot harder to continue production on some vehicles. Instead, Toyota should consider divestment in some projects to give access to more capital and cut its losses.


In order for Toyota to continue with its success, strategic planning must be done very carefully and efficiently. This means time management, frequent evaluation and flexibility to the changing environment.

From what is understood of the strategic planning process, it is a very expensive and time consuming process. However, it is an investment which will surely be worthwhile.

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