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1. Assignment 1 - Personal Development Plan

1.1. Task 1:

1.1.1. Introduction

My PDP (Personal Development Plan) is for developing my educational qualification and working skills to see myself as a National Sales Manager in a reputed financial organization 5 years down the line. I'm already having 6+ years of experience in Sales & Distribution and 2+ years at Managerial position, reputed organizations in India.

I've done my graduation in Science with major as Statistics but "Sales" is something that has always attracted my attention and my interest. My father was a successful General Sales Manager with one of the Pharmaceutical company in India. So, I was also keen to become one right from my childhood.

        After completion of my graduation i.e. in 2003, I joined Genx Pharmaceutical Ltd., at Ahmedabad as a Medical Representative. Served the company for almost 3.5 years and was awarded with the Medical Representative of the Year award in my last year of working with Genx. In 2006 I joined Kotak Securities Ltd., as Relationship Executive. Kotak Securities was a well known broking house in India and I was required to sale various Shares & Security accounts to the new customers. Herein I was promoted to Team Leader and was given a team of six RE's to guide. In the mean time I got an opportunity to work with India's leading group i.e. "Reliance - ADAG", so joined the company i.e. Reliance Money Ltd., as a Centre Manager in 2007. My responsibilities grew with designation and also my willingness for becoming NSM. With R-Money, I was required to look after the North Gujarat Territory and my reporting was to the Regional Head. I was amongst the top performing Centre Managers in the country but was away from home so after 2 years time I again got an offer from my previous company i.e. Kotak at my home place and with the same responsibility, so joined it as a Unit Manager. But still my qualification was an obstacle for achieving my goal and hence I decided to complete my MBA as a priority.

To develop and confirm my success as a good National Sales Manager you need to have a broad range of skills relating to management and leadership. Based on my current role and situation, a PDP will prioritise the most important areas that I need to concentrate on and will point me in the right direction for further advice and training.

1.1.2 My Personal Development Plan:

        To be a National Sales Manager (NSM), one must have good experience and qualification. The right qualification one must have is a PG degree in Business Administration in order to have the right understanding and knowledge you must require. And experience is one thing that will come after a good investment of time in learning and development.

        To achieve my goal of being an NSM, I need to have a PG degree into business studies which is one thing that I've already started and will surely be completing successfully within a year's time i.e. by Jan' 2011. And I'm already having sales experience of 6.5 years now. With 2+ years of experience as Sales Manager, and that too with the reputed firms in India.

        I've already laid the stepping stone to achieve my goal and this PDP will surely make me achieve my goal effectively within the decided time span in an organised manner. I've always been a good performer when it has come to my work i.e. "Sales". I'm a quick learner and this is the key quality which I think that is required to be successful in your life. My past track records at my work and academics have always been good. I've got 1st Class Bachelor's degree and also my previous study records are on a better side. So, I'm confident of competing my PGDBS. With study I've got regular appraisals in terms of salary and designation at my work place because of my performance and passion for sales that is in me.

        To grow from a Branch Manger level to a National Sales Manager level there are a few milestone that I need to achieve in terms of designation, which are as follows:

Along with these, I'm also required to develop my certain skills i.e. presentation, prompt decision making, strategic planning, solution selling strategies & leadership. As, these are the most important and necessary skills to be a good National Sales Manager as the quality of these skills which I'm currently having are only good enough to a Branch Manager level, and to improve them to Regional and than to Zonal and than finally to NSM level I'm required to gain good experience and knowledge which will come with time and practise.

        Further, to achieve my goal of being a National Sales Manager, I've distributed my achievements into Short term, medium term and long term goals in order to have an organised and perfect approach towards achieving my goal i.e.:

Short Term Goal:

To successfully complete my Master's in Business Administration by 2011. As, to be a good NSM you need to have the right qualification.

Medium Term Goal:

        To join a reputed organization's Sales & Distribution department, at a Middle Management level. To gain experience and for development of skills i.e. presentation, prompt decision making, strategic planning, solution selling strategies & leadership that are required for periodic promotions and good performance. As, along with skills & qualification experience is also the utmost thing that is required to getting promotion on timely basis.

Long Term Goal:

        Ensure and give the best performance in order to get promoted as a National Sales Manager.

        To achieve my short term goal, I've already started doing my PG studies in Business Studies, after successful completion of this course, I'll be required to further enrol myself for a top-up MBA program which will give me accreditation for the subjects which I've studied in my PGDBS. And hence I'll be required to do, nine months of further study for getting MBA degree from a recognised educational institute.

        To achieve my medium term goal, I'll be required to join a reputed financial services organisation either at my previous level i.e. as a Branch Manager or at a higher level as regional sales manager. Still at either of the positions one thing that I need to keep in mind is performance, as in sales you can't compromise with it. And all of your promotion, salary appraisals and performance bonus depend on it. Along with this I'll also be checking out my development in terms of skills required to be a good NSM, which I'll be checking out on timely basis in order to have a clear picture of improvement which I'm going through. This can be done by constant audit of skills at regular interval of time.

        If everything goes well as per the plan, my aim of being a NSM will surely be achieved in the decided time of 5 years. As 1.5 years will be going for getting my MBA qualification. And the rest 3.5 years are for joining a financial service organisation and getting timely promotions. Hence, the goal can be achieved if it is well planned and organised.

        The following is my SWOT analysis which will be helpful for achieving my goal of being a NSM in 5 years down the line:

Strengths :




Hence, if everything goes as per the PDP, I'll be able to complete my PGDBS by 26/1/11, and will be able to get admission for a top-up MBA in the term starting from Feb.' 2011, which will be completed latest by the end of December' 2011. So, I'll be having a time of 3 years left in achievement of my goal. This much time will be plenty, but I'll be required to find a good job within 3 months time. As, thereafter I'm confident that by this time I'd have overcome my weaknesses and improved my skills to a level from where; I'll be able to repeat my past of getting timely promotions and increments. So, by this PDP, I'm confident that I'll be able to become a National Sales Manager in a financial service organisation within the time frame of 5 years.

1.2. Task 2:


Evaluation of how the main themes of learning programme has impacted me on my work role.


Prior to the start of "Advance Professional Development", I was not able to identify correctly that in which skills I need to have improvement and how can I identify the basics for solving a particular problem.

I was not even able to do a SWOT analysis of goal correctly i.e. to become National Sales Manager in a reputed financial organisation. Given below is the SWOT analysis done by me during my first class of ADP.





And the below one is the SWOT analysis done after completion of ADP:

Strengths :




Hence, by comparing both of these SWOT analysis, I came to know that prior to the start of ADP, I was not aware about my SWOT, and was taking my weaknesses that can be improved as threats. And confusing the threats with the weaknesses. The same thing was for the Strengths and opportunities and vice versa.

Because of the various learning techniques taught in the programme, now I'm able to do a good SWOT analysis for anything. Now, I can also do my own skills audit to figure out that on what skills I'm lacking and where and how can I improve them and within how much time period.

The group discussion and presentation classes have had a great impact on my communication skills, and it has helped me a lot to go for a improvement in it.

The program has mainly taught us to figure out the right problem, and on how to go for a solution and to check for any improvements. Hence, now can identify my weaknesses and can work on them on order to improve my weaknesses and also to work on any problem and come out with a better possible solution.

2. Assignment 2 - Personal and Professional Skills

2.1. Task 1:


        The skills required for effective management come into two categories i.e. Personal and professional skills. Various personal and professional skills are required to be a good manager and these skills are the main need for achieving the organisational and personal goals & objectives. Given below is the brief of what are the skills required and how they can contribute in achieving the goals.

        The skills required for an effective management in any given sector can be divided into two categories i.e. Personal (or Fundamental) skills and Professional skills. Given below are some of the fundamental and professional skills that are required for an effective management along with the examples along with the brief as why are these skills required to meet both the organisational & personal goals.

Personal Skills:

Professional Skills:

2.2. Task 2:

Personal Skills Audit: SWOT of personal skills for my further management & leadership development.





Hence, for developing my management & leadership skills, I'll be required to work on my weakness. And I'm sure that I can transform my weaknesses to my strengths as I know how to improve them.

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