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The products of the fair-trade have covered almost all the products in England in Ireland both country during this but it was the tough year for dealing with the fair. The global economy downturn was been worst for development of country were near to 70 + 20 million people were under extremely poverty condition. In UK 7 out of 10 people were told that government had reduced the budgets so it was the directly effected for recession, due to this reason and due to public support value and budgets of Fair-trade was increased and it was directly reached to the nearly around £799 m approximate £800. In 2009 there was a tough condition for everyone but even for the farmers from many poor country and communities and also from developing country according to the Chief Executive of the Fair-trade of foundation. The British and Irish People care about the recession and take proper reaction on it so due this main support of this public Fair-trade was able to make different things to grow more and more peoples. Major commitments of the Fair-trade was grow though out in fuelling, main stream moves also in chocolate products, coffee, Nestle, Sainsbury, and converting tea and coffee of Tesco and Sainsbury, and also their retail sugar. Chief of organisation has announced that sugar and nuts can be certified with Fair-trade and beverages and chocolates bar also can be certified by 2011 was announced by GREEN & BLACK, and all of the retail stores were applying Fair-trade principle for their business and growth of it.

Fair-trade had fed and provided education to the farmers and producers of the poorest country of the world that has been suffered in the economy crisis and in many other problems and cases. Government had promised to give the £12m to the Fair-trade which would help in increasing the prices in the supermarkets and it will other to support thousand of families. Fair-trade had provided encouragement to the people of the Ireland and UK for buying and supporting to the Fair-trade by shopping baskets and also for helping the farmers developing the countries.

The people who are agreed with the ideas of the fair –trade and its deals was been proved that in such a shopping method it push the fair-trade to developed and research new products, all this was found and research. It was difficult to swap all the items and breakout of all the old shopping habits and to start new ones because it was due to new licensed more than 4500 products under Fair-trade Mark.

Fair-trade has big swap in many products in different product line as per chocolate companies like Cadbury, with Cadbury Fair-trade had decided to release album of Ghana Band this was the great to create customer loyalty because almost in UK like chocolates and music was world wide attraction of everyone by huge advertisements.

Starbucks had offered their 100% Fair-trade certified bean coffee from Rwanda, and this coffee has raised loyalty due to likeness of it in early morning. As same as coffee, nuts and sugar branding in it under Fair-trade got large benefit of it.

ASOS has launched a fashionable new Fair-trade jersey wear collection. Later on Tesco was agreed with the fair-trade to increase the number of Fair-trade cotton school uniforms in its stock these things are essential for everyone and ASOS and tesco had provided qualitative wear and cottons. Collaboration with Emma Watson introduced by the people tree, the younger fashion style trends was affected due to this decision and it was the aim in teen markets. New launch in warehouse from 100% Fair-trade was innovative and suitable for almost every one like roll-up, trousers, blouses and so many.

Oxfam shops have decided to change the tea bags for the domestic use and also the quality of the donation of the Oxfam. In a new scheme it was decided that Oxfam will get the free box of 40 café tea bags.

And after it Sainsbury has converted all tea brand in stead of the their current brand and also meanwhile bananas, sugar, roast, ground coffee and other product line this was directly added as customers of Sainsbury and Fair-trade. The customers of the co-operatives and Somerfield stores have a approximately 20% off on selected range of Fair-trade items and this directly encourage to the shoppers to replace the product with the fair trade and later on it was almost done.

Natural skincare brand for men was Bulldog in the UK; it has launched a range of Fair-trade products including shaving gel and moisturizer. They have different raw material for the product from the different country; like tea from Sri-Lanka, sugar from Paraguay and shea from Ghana. Boots has added a new Fair-trade product, using Fair-trade honey from Chile this all this things from different location and has created greater attraction for non British public, as well as Fair-trade supporters and campaigners have registered one of hundreds to trade on the Fair-trade organization websites. Many Fair-trade products are also in school and considering from equipments and utilities.

Most of people in UK and Ireland like tea, so Fair-trade had tried to replace the cuppa and bring Fair-trade items and tea manufacturing companies has faced many problems and to work with in the global tea industry and identifying the differences and showing which were unique. When Supermodel and TV presenter Lisa Butcher had experienced when she visited to cotton farms of Agrocel which were founded Pure & Fair Cotton Growers’ Association, in Gujarat, on the state of India who supply the UK Fair-trade market that ‘Now that I have seen for myself the difference Fair-trade can make, she believes that using the fair-trade cotton fashion world can change the trend.

Like this in almost every field and product line like tea, coffee, chocolate, cottons, sugar and so many basic things are Fair-trade marked and also supermarkets and retail stores are also providing great support to the Fair-trade and public too, so these things directly helped to increase the customer loyalty and rise in sales up to £800 millions and also good aim of the Fair-trade to develop the country and backward people this is the reasons of high sales of Fair-trade.

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