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Professional identity and ethics in counseling

Brief therapies are approaches which focus on delivering therapeutic results in an efficient manner, deriving the most benefit in the least amount of time. Capuzzi and Gross focus on competency-, or strength-based approaches. There are more than 50 such approaches (Capuzzi & Gross, 2009, p. 211), but these can be seen as variations on a central theme. At least half of those who seek out therapy can benefit from as few as 5 to 10 sessions (p. 212). Thus, brief therapies are focused on efficiency, deriving the maximum therapeutic gain as quickly as possible.

Brief counseling is necessary for a number of reasons. People are too busy to devote too much time on their mental well being. There are quite a few of us who need to go to counseling for some reason or another, but because of time constraints and insurance companies wanting to minimize costs, we are not likely to pursue, or if we are already involved, continue receiving mental health counseling. Brief counseling techniques are offered and must be available in most agencies. Brief counseling is not to insinuate that counseling will be quick, fast and rushed. Brief counseling offers different approaches to finding solutions to problems that clients may see as UN surmountable. In brief counseling, there is a model that is based on the client's competency and strengths; there is a model that focuses on problem solving and a model that is based on finding solutions. Although time is an issue with brief counseling, the client is still the primary focus. The client's well being is still important.

Capuzzi and Gross stated that solution focused brief counseling approach looks closely at the pattern of interaction and creating outcomes (p.221). The differences; within solution focused therapy than other therapies is that the problem is not the focus but the solution is the focus. Focusing on the solution moves the client to the future and how they will see themselves. The Authors stated; that the main statement for solution focus therapy is the question; “how will you know when the problem is solved”. Oriented and Possibility Therapy is not only the solution focus to the problem but they both added the internal experiences to their focus. Counseling in mental Health has come a long ways from the 1960's when people were moved from institutions the communities became the main source of mental health providers. The progression has led to HMO's and other 3rd party billing wanting the least amount of services for our clients so this solution focused brief therapy is a choice to gain resources from to help our clients to focus on the future to live in the future.

In conclusion, competency-based brief therapies focus on finding solutions to presenting problems. Implementing these solutions can lead to immediate therapeutic gains. This is becoming increasingly necessary, as managed care organizations and insurers often limit the number of sessions they will pay for based on the presenting problem. Effective brief therapy is an answer to pressure on counselors to provide rapid relief from symptoms. Brief therapy is not an “instant cure,” however, it is an evidence-based approach to efficiently helping clients overcome their problems and enjoy more fruitful and happier lives.

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