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Human Resource Planning and Development

Human Resource Planning and Development

Task 1:

i.It is a design of a formal system in an organization to ensure effective and efficient use of human talent to accomplish organizational goals.

In a real sense every manager in an organization is an HR manager. However it is unrealistic to expect them to know about nuances of HR functions. For that reason, organizations have people in an HR department who specialize in these activities because it is a complex interlink between the internal and external environment of an organization with global, legal, political, economical, social, cultural and technological considerations.

The first person to introduce the concept of Human resource management was Peter Drucker with some others in the Northern part of America in the 1950's. Henderson (2008 page 2 ‘Human Resource Management for MBA students').

This is going to give us an overview of the three important areas focused by the HR department of Lloyds TSB bank in the UK banking industry.

The brief reviews of HR functions are.

1. Recruitment and staffing

2. Health, Safety and well being.

3. Performance management.

1. Recruitment and staffing:

This is the foremost action of the plan in the cycle of the HR functions. It is obvious that the talent within the unit needs to be well managed but even before that it is fundamental to get that necessary talent into the organization. This is an important process and needs to be spot on with it because by getting the right skilled and talented personnel today is going to determine the success and inflow of profit for tomorrow for the company. Therefore, recruiting the right personnel for the right job with the right attitude and knowledge is immensely vital.

2) Training and Development:

This is a sequence of well organized process for the employees to enhance in the required work related skills and knowledge to be more productive. It plays a huge role in the overall performance of the organization since it is the individuals of the firm who determines the progress of the business.

Development is a continuous action and step of becoming better in term of professionalism in not only the direct and daily job related activities but apart from their daily work routine

3) Performance Management:

“Performance Management is a systematic approach to management which uses goals, measurements, feedback and recognition as the means of motivating people to achieve.” (Henderson, Human Resource Management for MBA students 2008, page 149).

Appraisal is the most appropriate term that explains the meaning of performance management of a company by the HR department. It is such an important function of the HR team to appraise its employees on a regular basis to assess the performance of the employees either every quarterly or half yearly to remind the objectives and goals of the company to all. It is only through performance assessment that the contribution of an individual is scaled.

“Linda Holbeche, the director of research and policy CIPD, recently wrote (Holbeche. 2007. Page 10-11) that building organizational capability is HR's heartland and she added that Hr managers can help make capitalism human.” Henderson, 2008, page 4-5. Everything about Human resource management is well covered by what was said by Holbeche mentioned in the beginning of this paragraph.


There should be a very sensible and rational choice to be made by the decision makers to carry out this formula. The deciding authorities who decides whether or not to choose personnel should have a steady head over their shoulder and know what exactly is required. Their decision should be very sensible and reasonable as it has a direct impact on the performance of the business on a whole. Poor selection could very well lead the company to its downfall. Costly mistake will surely cost the company a great value of amount due to improper selection. There has to be a proper plan to carry out and implement this process. Strategy should meet today's need to achieve tomorrow's objectives.

Not every employee of an organization is equally skilled and knowledgeable, hence; training programs are essential to well equip and improve the performance of the firm. It is not only about learning the job and its happenings but also is about learning to adapt to the working environment, style and nature of the company. It is very important for both the company and the employee's point of view that every single individual is well trained enough to contribute towards the company's success.

This term is more related to the middle or upper level managers since change is a constant occurring in the business and it is equally important for the developmental process to keep rolling. Various developmental activities are undertaken within the company to ensure that the gap between the goal and the reached destination is covered in the best possible manner. Henderson (2008, page 95, Human Resource Management for MBA students).

Measuring pay scale and methods have changed drastically in the recent times to what it was years back. Now in the present business market it is performance and contribution which is more important than any position or status of an individual in a business.

Henderson (2008, page 149, Human resource Management for MBA students) states that a survey done by Workplace Employee Relations in 2004 witnessed an increase in the use of performance appraisals by managers. In the UK 78% of the managers in workplaces reporting that performance appraisals were undertaken. These are not only job evaluation but also a great focus performance management and it is rapidly spreading all over the UK. Therefore, it is not just a mechanism but an important principle of management.

The objective of staffing is to ensure the right person in the right job at the right time followed by the next objective, to train and develop the abilities of personnel for the work to be done efficiently, so that the performance appraisal fetches compensation and benefits for the employee satisfaction and perform better, keeping in mind of the financial and budgetary impact of the organization.

To make sure that staffing is done in the way it should be, the organization advertises the vacancies available and the required skill set with experience in the relevant field so that the candidates are aware of what they are asked for and the recruitment team invites applications for their next process of selecting and then based on the performance on a one on one interview session there a decision is made for the right candidate. This has been very effective in obtaining their objective of getting the right candidate for the right job. Recruitment at the moment is not at the best level because of the market situation rather there are some serious moves about deploying some employees.

* Online application and questionnaire

* Online ability tests

* Telephone-based assessment

* Final stage selection event


They also have a style of training of their own; firstly they have an induction training followed by on the job training method which gives the employee enough idea and knowledge about the working style and what to and what not to do. A training material handout is also provided in order to make it more convenient for the worker to learn in their own style.

As far as the performance appraisal goes it is clear that every employee is striving to perform at the best level. Unproductive employees are now under the lime light for anything to happen therefore appraisal is at its peak.


HRM plays an important role in success of an organization. Areas within HRM such as work force planning, analyzing the job, Recruitment and selection, benefits and Compensatory activities for employee, job evaluations, signing of Contract negotiations and Labor legislations are ingredients of hard HRM model. Some of the components of soft HRM model are communication, building trust and relationships, motivating the employees and promoting them to the right status, training and developmental and social activities in the organization for its growth, controlling ay sort of conflict within the workers in a subtle manner.

Soft HRM is a supporting pillar for the hard HRM to function and be successful because soft HRM deals with more of the relation between the people and their attitude for the work in the company; whereas, the hard HRM model is an economic aspect of production and has more to do with the strategic and quantitative factors of management.

When hard HRM puts up a plan or a set of organized ideas in place regarding the market and its opportunities and getting the appropriate people to get that done, it is the soft HRM that does the mentoring, training, development and actualization of the ideas in the first place put together. The soft HRM composes all the ideas and angles that could be worked upon and has a strategy of its own internally.

This particular organization that is looked into has a similar process of applying the hard as well soft models. The outline of the objectives and the goals to reach is been set up and the soft HRM model and its functions are then carried out one by one because soft HRM could be more advanced than the hard since it has a task to deal with today's changes and competitions for the business to succeed and run the race effectively.

Both of these have a major role to play in the developmental race for the firm and contribute equally to win the race ethically. Either one's failure will lead to the failure of the whole organization's plan. Hence, it is important that the HRM department of company makes use of these tools and techniques effectively n intelligently. (www.answers.com, 25/01/10, 11:45 am)

Some of the recent activities based on the two models of the HRM in Lloyds TSB bank are:

· Recruitment and placement fair

· Graduate fair

· Mock interviews

· Commercial awareness

· Hot chocolate event

· Corporate partner workshop

· Presentations on career development

· Skills sessions

· Professional Banking and finance fair

· Learning to lead

· Employers information fair

· Talent forum

· Ethnic diversity fair


Task 2


Large scale human resource development is also understood as organizational development. This is very much true because in a company the developmental works are undertaken by the human resource department without which the company as a whole does not see any improvement inside or outside of it. The first sign of development of a company is seen in the improvement in an individual of the firm. Making sure that all the employees have the required knowledge and skill to perform better and contribute towards the growth of the company is essential and those lacking in these aspects need to be trained and educated about the job better because the skills is an individual is a definite asset for the company.

Training and development goes hand in hand always. There should be proper training and developmental techniques for the progress to be seen. There are areas of improvement for every organization and there is also a gap between where the company is now in comparison to where it should at a given point of time. How can this gap be filled? The answer is through training and development, because it bridges the gap very effectively for not only on a short term but on a long term service of the organization. There are various techniques followed by each and every organization to provide training and development to its employees effectively. In reality the company wants its employees to acquire both hard and soft skills to perform to the expected level.

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