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Environmental health


The Chisholm Hotel & Conference Center has recently undergone a major refurbishment where now hotel can accommodate 1500 delegates. The hotel has large kitchen and storeroom facility and hotel have the potential to increase the strength of the food production department. The environmental health and safety officer recently visited to hotel and recommended for the improvement in the kitchen hygiene standard as well as the monitoring and control hygiene schedule.

The above diagram shows the current staffing structure at the Chisholm hotel. Looking at the current scenario there is an urgent need to improve in the current staffing structure, as it cannot provide the output required to run The Chisholm hotel and conference centre kitchen because after the refurbishment hotel can accommodate 1500 delegates.

At current scenario the kitchen is operating a cook fresh system of cooking which needs to be reviewed by the mangers in order to properly cater the extended amount of delegates after refurbishment.

After the refurbishment The Chisholm hotel may introduce new production system into the kitchen, hotel will install some new equipment in kitchen for the smooth operation. After implementing new production system current the staffing structure need to be changed as well.

At present 'THE CHISHOLM' has a large kitchen and store facility, which has the potential to streamline the operation with the increase in food production. The Chisholm hotel operation supplies three Elements -food, drink and service.

In the given scenario of the Chisholm hotel the food is produced on the premises from the raw materials then served directly to the customers. Drinks are usually dispensed in much the same forms as it is purchased, except of hot beverages, which are prepared on the premises.

The third element is service. it depends on the skill and personality of the staff. All the activities surrounding these three elements take place in the main areas of operation- the kitchen, dining room and bars. These area exist as separate units each with a person in charge, each of them are closely related and coordinate in such a manner that all the operations are carried out smoothly. Each element is supervised by a person and is responsible for the work of each member of staff in the catering establishment.

Presently in 'THE CHISHOLM' hotel each member of the kitchen organization has a specific role to play they have a set duties and responsibilities to follow.

As The Chisholm hotel is undergoing the major refurbishment there are opportunities of setting up new workflow as the hotel is introducing the new cooking method as well. Currently the roles of each member depends on their position and department, for instance; a Head Chef has more of paper work to do and has got managerial responsibilities, whereas a Commi Chef has got more of the food preparation role and has to follow the orders given by the Head chef.

Principal responsibilities

Manages hygiene and safety in the kitchen areas; ensuring that it is maintained at least to the minimum standards required by the Department of Environmental health and Law at all times.

To ensure budgeted profit targets are met. Ensure that food preparation and quality is of the highest standard possible within the limits of budgeted profit targets with a view to maximizing sales, Responsible for stock control; he ensures that stock levels are in line with the set standards and company requirements. Prepares annual budget for the department and operate within it.

Determines quality and quantity of materials required and must communicate these by means of purchasing specifications to the storekeeper who places the order. To report and, where possible, to attend to and take all necessary action, statutory and otherwise, in the event of accident, fire, loss, theft, lost property, damage, unfit food or other irregularities and complete the necessary return and/or report.

Ensures that all menus are developed to take advantage of seasonal availability and diverse customer base - to include international cuisine and special dietary requirements. Ensures all Foodstuffs are used correctly so that wastage is kept to a minimum

Holds periodical meetings with the Kitchen Brigade to ensure the smooth running of the kitchen. Ensures proper training is provided to food handlers in terms of preparation, presentation and quality of all dishes, both hot and cold, which are served to customers.

Must supervise staff in the kitchen department and ensure their wellbeing and morale. Ensuring proper functioning of workplace by managing control of overtime, casual and extra wage payments for staff.

Must liase and maintains good relationship with staff, heads of department and management. Praise and recognize good performance. Dealing with poor performance through informal reprimands and where necessary the company disciplinary procedure.

Must take appropriate actions about customer's complaints and compliments.

Principal responsibilities

Being the second in charge of the kitchen the duties are quite similar to the head chef. Assisting Head chef in the day-to-day management of all food production, assist in ensuring budgeted profit targets are met.

Ensures a daily check on all the food items and equipment required carrying out the work. To ensure Planning and ordering menu, in advance for the large catering function also ensures optimum staffing for each sub sections.

Liaison with head chef and Restaurant Managers and Supervisors to ensure that there is optimum co-operation between the Kitchen and restaurant Departments particularly with regard to prompt and efficient service to the customers, responsible for hygiene and safety in the kitchen areas.

Provides training and develops the team to deliver quality of food to recipe specification and therefore exceed customer's expectations, leads by example, setting the pace and standards in the kitchen. Ensure that Due Diligence documentation; duty roasters and other working papers are efficiently completed within Company guidelines.

Must present highest level of Personal skill, excellent communication skill, team building, positive approach towards team building, minute attention to deal with the customer complaint and friendly manner to work on it.


Ensure a high standard in the amount of preparation and presentation style in the kitchen is achieved with all systems compliance in place. He is responsible for the smooth functioning specialized sections in the kitchen.

Principal responsibilities

All the chef de partie may be regarded as a supervisor of the foreman of their section as well as skilled craftsmen. Must ensure smooth functioning of the sections in the kitchen.

Ensure high standard of preparations and presentation is achieved before any dish leaves the kitchen. Follow the food recipe set as per the company standard. Responsible on control of food waste and make sure unused food item return to the main store. Assist private parties and function with the help of the sous chef.

Check's kitchen beverage stock and control on a daily basis. This includes all the wines and liqueurs used in making dishes.

Conduct checks and ensure that all mis-en-place is up to date and liaise with other sections with their mis-en-place and wastage. Ensure that all food items are labeled and date stamped, maintains a high standard of discipline to reduce waste and accidents in the section.

Ensuring HACCP is implemented and that standards are maintained with regards to fridge temperatures, cleaning schedules and temperature checks including documentation of it.

Attend departmental meetings and deal with any customer returned food in a timely manner, oversees staff on the section, training on the job, and ensure that the section runs smoothly and efficiently, delegate staff in their duties and keep up standards in health, safety and hygiene, reports any defective machinery or equipment immediately to the Head chef.

Must reports all faults, errors, complaints and compliments to the senior chef on duty, to adhere to all the company's procedure on health, safety and hygiene.

To handle administrative jobs which includes preparing the daily indenting sheet for the commodities to be used in the section. Ensuring smooth functioning in his section as well as coordinate between the other sections to deliver the finished product without compromising on quality.

Principal responsibilities

Ensure smooth functioning of the specific section in the kitchen under rigorous supervision of chef de partie.

Involved in most of the mise-en-place in kitchen department, like make in mise-in -place, helping C.D.P. for food production, keeping kitchen clean. Must ensure to check the fridges, all food items are covered and date stamped at the time of closing.

Assisting chef in setting up banqueting buffets, hot and cold. Must ensure to finish duties which includes Clean and prepare vegetables, Clean and prepare fish, meat and poultry, ensuring and checking that all mis-en-place is up to date and liaise with other sections with their mis-en-place and wastage, Cook and prepare food for all Food and Beverage outlets under supervision, Collect and put away General Stores and Food Stores items.

Setting up station properly and on time for each service period, be able to work in another area when needed and take part in cross training when directed and fulfill Assigned task in the Respective workstation under supervision of a chef De Partie Commi should supervise and trained apprentice. Ensure that all equipments are properly maintained.

To ensure that HACCP is implemented and that standards are maintained with regards to fridge temperatures, cleaning schedules and temperature checks including documentation of same, report any accidents and potential hazards to the senior chef on duty.


To assist and learn food preparation and clean kitchen area under the supervision of a chef de partie.

Principal responsibilities

Ensure performing the basic Mise-en place required for food preparation.

To follow and learn cooking standards, carry out any preparation or mise-en place and gets training under the supervision of a senior chef.

Collect internal requisition from the stores to the respective sections.

Follow food safety standards, cleaning of worktops, tables and working stations to ensure the maintenance of hygiene.

Helps to unload supply trucks and also help to store food they undergo the training provided by the operational heads as required.

Ensure the food labeling is done on all the food items and they are covered prior to storage

Principal responsibilities

To ensure regular and periodical cleaning of walls, floors, fridges, bins and large and small equipments such as trays, bowls, cooking pans etc .

To ensure all agreed standards of cleaning are achieved and maintained as requested by the Senior Chef on duty. Must close down the kitchen and report to the Duty Manager when completed handles the cleaning of moving waste, garbage bins, mopping of floors. Support with the organization & cleanliness of the refuse area.

Ensures storage, recycling of the waste materials and also the proper procedures to dispose them. Aware of safe practices, follow proper stacking.

To communicate with the Head chef if damaged or needs replacing of any cleaning equipment and control cleaning product costs ensuring safe storage, separation & rotation of products.

To ensure that all Health, Safety and Security regulations are adhered to at all times, this includes the fire procedures and COSHH regulations,

Ensure that report any faults or infringements of these procedures or act immediately where appropriate to correct them.

Principal responsibilities

To ensure smooth functioning of all the food production activities right from taking all the order sheets from the head chef or sous chefs.

Must ensure following correct procedures in ordering, receiving, checking, storing, issuing, security and cleanliness of premises and manage stock.

Ensure placing the order to the suppliers, maintain the stock register, receiving the orders from the suppliers as per the order placed ensuring the quality and the quantity of the products are up to the set standards.

Check the delivery vehicle at all times before accepting any delivery.

Must check freshness, colour temperature, weight and the shelf life of the products before receiving any product from the suppliers, return the items which do not comply with the set standards.

Must ensures that the receiving area is hygienic and cleaned all the times, food storage area is clean and pest free and all the storing areas are without any maintenance problem ex - temperature, lighting, ventilation, water leakage etc. at all times, report for any maintenance problem to the head chef and the respective department.

To issues the food order to respective department as per the requirement.

Take inventory of all the items on the regular basis to know about any discrepancies, ensure to comply with the HACCP (hazard analysis critical control point), always follow FIFO (first in first out) of all the food items

Maintain reports of any breakage spillage or leakage of food items and provide training to the store assistant.

Must be maintaining good relation with the supplier also need to have update on a market price Store person should follow the appropriate food storage and food safety policy.

Principal responsibilities

Must ensure to check the temperatures of all the fridges and the controlled good and items ex- poultry, meat, fish, eggs, cheese etc.

Timely fill up the temperature log.

Maintaining high level of hygiene standard in storeroom. Keeping store area free of bacteria, cross checking for cross contamination. Cleaning storeroom, storing equipment.

Ensure that the goods receiving and the storing areas are always properly cleaned and pest and rodents free. He cleans the receiving and distribution trolleys.

To adhere to the company's procedures on health, safety, security and hygiene, he should be full awareness and compliance with the fire evacuation, and security procedures for the Hotel. Follow the correct rotation procedures of foods -old First - New Last (FIFO) first in first out.

Suggestion of other kitchen production systems that could be used within "The Chisholm" instead of cook-fresh. Illustrating how those system works in general.

As the scenario suggest the Chisholm hotel follows the cook-fresh/cook-to-order method of cooking which is very much convenient for a set or a small number of conferencing facilities. As the large refurbishment is taking place and as to set up the kitchen to deliver the best catering services to 1500 delegates at a same time the Chisholm hotel kitchen department have to make changes in the cooking method as well. In the Chisholm hotel as there is an increase in the number of conference rooms the cook fresh system is proving to be insufficient to cater the increase in demand of food.

The Chisholm hotel has various options to overcome with the uprising situation of delivering the best catering services with the limited resources available are such as introduction of cook chill, cook freeze and regeneration methods these cooking methods not only helps the existing workforce to work easily and the workflow in the kitchen will run smoothly.

Now days it's difficult and even expensive enough to hire the skilled staff. Every member of the team has to undergo various training programs and learning sessions to be able to cope up with tiredness and the work related stress. It's always better to provide a good working environment to the staff to get the maximum output.

Currently in the Chisholm hotel it is not feasible to cater 1500 covers through the cook to order method, as it is time consuming. A communication breakdown leads to service of wrong orders. The current method is ideal for the restaurants having less cover to cater and the catering establishment is not using the place every time for the conference functions.

Cook to order / cook-fresh

It is a specialized catering system. Carefully prepared and cooked fresh foods are the highlight of a tasty, enjoyable meal. Prepare a meal from start to finish in kitchen or mis-en-place is almost completely prepared in advance and finishes it up a la minute i.e., at the time of order comes prepare it instantly fresh.

It is the simplest, widespread system of food production till date. It is considered as a straightforward method of cooking fresh at all times.

It is widely used in small catering establishments and if it applied to the large establishment it becomes very much labour intensive and it doesn't provide much flexibility.

In large establishment it leads to more wastage of food items as the leftover or any extra food item prepared has to be discarded due to the strict and mandatory hygiene procedures.

The system is old, and is with the advancement in technology, now a days it is being replaced by more flexible and more cost effective methods like Cook- chill, cook- freeze methods of food production.

Advantages of cook- fresh

Disadvantages of cook- fresh

The Chisholm hotel after refurbishment program can now accommodate 1500 delegates. Now the business is expanding and to cater the entire delegates at same time also for the smooth functioning in production department hotel need to change their kitchen food production system.

There are different cooking systems that can be used in the Chisholm hotel and conference centre after refurbishment

Centralised production

These production kitchens are huge kitchens or production centers where the main aim is to produce in bulk quantities and freezing the food product and distributing it for regeneration at the point of service. The food items can be fresh / chilled.

These production kitchens usually do not deal directly with the end user they produce in bulk quantities and distribute to the final production or service outlets. The outlets can be within the hotel ex:- restaurants, bars kitchen.

Example:- in the hotel bolognaise sauce can be made at a Centralised kitchen and later can be distributed to restaurant, bar, banquet kitchens .


Pre-prepared foods require fewer skills in preparation and this helps to reduce cost. Food that is out of season can be used as the pre-preparation can involve a form of preservation; tinned food products are the best examples.

Regeneration systems are often associated with public sector catering they offer huge benefits to the profit sector. Function suites, hotels with banqueting suites, conference centers, outside event caterers - anywhere that food needs to be safely transported and either kept cool or re-heated find them invaluable. While there image is of keeping food hot or heating up food, many of them are just as good as keeping food cool.

It is now possible to have a ready-made meal within few minutes by simply popping a dish into a microwave.

The methods used to regenerate pre-prepared foods....

There are different types of hot-holding food trolleys.

Mobile hot cupboard trolleys - These are well insulated which maintains food temperature during transport to the service point and have internal heating elements which can be plugged into an electricity supply on arrival to main food temperature. Some have a steam generation system, which in addition to keeping the food hot will keep it moist, preventing drying out and skinning of sauces.

Cook - chill

It is a specialized catering system. . It should be a well-managed system and completely safe provided the HACCP guidelines on temperature and time control are followed. Cook chill is a foodservice system based on normal preparation and cooking of food followed by rapid chilling, storage in controlled low temperature conditions above freezing point, 0°C-4°C and subsequently reheating immediately before consumption

The food items are prepared and cooked in bulk quantities at a central production unit, and chilled rapidly and then kept at low temperatures until required. At the time of service the dishes are quickly and easily reheated. As the food items are prepared in bulk, there is a wider range of choice because the food items are kept chilled f or some days, and the reheating is straightforward, greater menu choice can be offered.

As required, the chilled food can be taken to service points spread over a wide area.

The system works like this....

In some cases, the food is reheated at the production unit, and possibly taken to a number of different service points using heated trolleys. Alternatively, the food is transported in its chilled state, and reheated at the point of service. Thermal jackets or sleeves on trolleys keep the food hot for at least 30 min till it is severed after cooking..

As in the Chisholm hotel this method can be used as this production system is based on the normal preparation and cooking of the food items followed by the rapid chilling of the food items and storing in the controlled low temperature conditions above freezing point,0-3*c (32*F-37*F) and subsequently reheating immediately before consumption.

The process of regeneration comes under this cook-chill system. The chilled food items are later regenerated in finishing kitchen.

In the Chisholm hotel meats, fish dishes, soup and sauces, stewed food items, scrambled eggs, sausages, desserts, creamed or potato-mash can be prepared and served using this method of cooking.


It is a specialized food production, catering and distribution system used by a few, very large catering operations. It means quite a lot (range or variety) of food items and dishes can be offered to several thousand or more customers.

All the preparation and cooking of the food items are done in bulk quantities at a central production unit. Production can be planned around the times of the year when particular foods are readily available and very low in price.

Efficient use can be made of large-scale units operate on a non stop basis with shift working.

The food is rapidly frozen using the special equipment and can be kept deep frozen for several weeks or longer without the quality suffering. As required, it is transported to the satellite kitchens or service points, and there quickly and easily reheated.

The system works like this....

The Chisholm hotel can take advantage from cook freeze production method. Cook freeze is a specialized food production system followed with a distribution system that allows the caterers to take advantage of the longer life through blast freezing of the food item i.e., lowering the temperature to the freezing extent and keeping the food items in the controlled frozen state at (-18*C to -20*C) and storing the food item at the above mention temperatures until the food item is required for resale or consumption it can extend the shelf life of the food item for up to 3-6 months.

The method of blast freezing is introduced and rapidly followed by the catering establishments with a success. The ability to freeze cooked food items and dishes, as distinct from the storage of food in the refrigerator or already frozen products in a deep-freeze, can help and allows to make more productive use of the food handlers as it cuts down on the labour intensive technique of monitoring the items time to time taking the temperature logs.

As in the Chisholm hotel the main aim is to cater 1500 covers without compromising on the quantity and quality of the food products this method should be carried out very rapidly i.e., freezing must be carried out very rapidly to retain the freshness and to accelerate temperature loss through the latent heat barriers, latent heat barriers, thus preventing the formation of huge ice crystals.

This system ensure that the organization meet the latest European HACCP and food safety legislation. It reduces the risk of food poisoning. This system will offer the more benefits to the chef to come out with variety of food dishes, also help to plan kitchen production system more effectively result into good efficient service with the best result on profitability


Sous-vide cooking, in its basic definition. Consists of taking foods previously sealed in heat- resistant containers with modified atmospheres and subjecting them to heat. This method of cooking is unique in its own because it is done at low temperatures and for longer period of time than traditional cooking.

The sous vide process has a number of key advantages:

Taste: The juices and flavours are 'locked in', greatly enhancing the taste of the food

Consistency: The consistency of the food is enhanced - meat in particular becomes very tender and succulent when cooked sous vide

Advance preparation and storage life: Food portions can be prepared in advance, vacuum sealed and stored in a refrigerator for comparatively long periods of time - ideal for coping with the peaks and troughs in activity and for master kitchens supplying 'satellite' kitchens

Space saving: Sous vide cooking takes up relatively little space,

There are some advantages of using Sous Vide systems which making it popular is efficiency in Work planning, production time, storage and less wastage of food products. It is well-organised systems but very time consuming. There is minimum shrinkage of content in cooking. It also facilitates non-use of gas and low energy consumption.

This system would be beneficial at the Chisholm, it will help in storing of food products in a proper manner thus, increasing there shelf life. It will help the Chisholm to standardize the recipes as all open packets, meat fish will be sealed thus help to prevent the deterioration.

The person carrying out the sous vide process would be trained appropriately. The staff would require portioning of the food into individual sealing bags according to size and weight and would then require sealing the bags in the vacuum pack machine.

After sealing of the individual bags, a label denoting the food item along with the date of preparation and date of expiry would be attached. Therefore the food items could be stored in appropriate fridges till they are required for cooking.

Task 1c

A detailed description of how these other system could be used at the Chisholm drawing on examples of how two kitchens you have investigated are organised and drawing conclusions about how this could affect the current staffing structure.

As per the Investigation carried out in the of the hotels

The results showed that each hotel is unique in its own. The novotel Hammersmith has a large capacity of banqueting and conferencing as that of Chisholm, whereas the novotel tower bridge has a small capacity of catering around 250 guests. The investigation is carried out in different sections of the kitchen on the basis of

Staffing structure

Novotel Hammersmith has large kitchen brigade, similar to the Chisholm hotel. The kitchen brigade as follows:

Novotel Tower Bridge has a traditional kitchen brigade system, but the brigade is small than the novotel Hammersmith as per the requirement of the hotel and its function this is best suitable. The kitchen brigade as follows:

Production system followed

Novotel Hammersmith: it has a large banqueting and conference facility; this hotel follows a combination of all the major production systems. It operates on the combination of cook-chill, cook-freeze, cook-fresh and sous-vide production systems. The hotel has a vast number of banquets and restaurants the various production systems are beneficial in hotel operations.

Advantages to Novotel Hammersmith by following these systems

Novotel Tower Bridge: it has a small banqueting facility; the head chef follows a cook fresh method of food production for restaurant along with using sous-vide production system for the banqueting.

Advantages to Novotel tower bridge by following these systems


Novotel Hammersmith: the workflow system found here is very efficient. In all the sections the staff very well knows the duties and responsibilities. Follows the correct method. The flow of production system right from receiving to kitchen, production to service was smooth. The kitchens are well ventilated, spacious with adequate working space. The chef doesn't have to run for the equipments as these are well placed to the workstations. Fridges and the stores are closely located helps in good flow of service.

There is an appropriate health and safety measures are taken in this hotel as the walls are marked with fire exits, hand wash sinks are fitted near to work areas. Use of colour coded recycling bins for recyclable waste and food waste.

Novotel Tower Bridge: the workflow system here seems much more efficient as it has a small kitchen operations in regards to the Novotel Hammersmith. All the equipments are easily accessible and kept at a designated area. All the fridges and dry storage area are within the kitchen it saves the storing, receiving and preparation time. Large working tables provide adequate space for pre-preparation of food items. Adequate space for chefs to work use of induction tops for cooking helps in quick preparation of food.

Like the other hotel there is an appropriate health and safety measures are taken in this hotel as the walls are marked with fire exits, hand wash sinks are fitted near to work areas. Use of colour coded recycling bins for recyclable waste and food waste.

Designing of kitchen

Novotel Hammersmith: as it is the centrally located in London and caters to a large number of guests the kitchen highlights the modern techniques of designing in the kitchen layout.

Novotel tower bridge: as it is also centrally located and caters mainly to the business people and as the hotel is only 10 yrs in operation the kitchen design is also modern and fitted with a state of art equipments.

After taking the new production system in consideration the Chisholm hotel will benefit with the following:

No overproduction of food items Portion control and reduction in food waste.

With these method incorporated it will maximise the output from current staffing and Smooth workflow. Solve the problem of moving hot food. Bulk purchasing -bulk buying discounts. Saving on equipment, fuel and space.

For the customer:

Helps in providing variety and selection in the menu to the customers. It helps in providing improved quality and high standards regarding food and hygiene. More nutritious food Services can be maintained at all times, regardless of staff absence.


Seasonal purchasing and bulk buying provides considerable saving Delivery to units will be far less frequent than before. A long term planning of production and menus becomes possible. It will minimize the dependency on price fluctuations and helps in overall budgeting and meting the targets.

As investigation suggests that for the proper workflow and to cater the 1500 delegates at the same time the Chisholm's need to hire few more staff

I would recommend on the basis of my investigation and understanding new suggested staffing structure would be as follows:

With the change in kitchen brigade as hiring new chefs the workload of the current staff can be reduced. Although the current staffing in Chisholm hotel looks all right but with the increase of their banqueting and conference facilities it can prove costlier to business.

With the introduction of new production techniques most of the food preparations can be done in the Chisholm kitchen and will reduce the use of outsourced products, a new pastry chef can be added to help the pastry and dessert section for the large banquet functions. For the effective workflow an executive sous chef, chef de partie, commi chefs can be added to the current brigade. As the business is increased the workload on the kitchen porters will be much more than before an addition of an extra kitchen porter would be beneficial.

Specific to the requirement casual staff can be hired on the hourly basis for the effective use of labour cost as they can work along the current kitchen brigade and help them.


References ...


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