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Health and safety management

1) Introduction:

The main objective of Health and Safety Management at work place is to fulfil Legal responsibility, Moral responsibility and Economical responsibility which are reasonably practicable for the company and its employees.

Every Construction company has to follow the legal responsibilities to ensure the health and safety of the employees and other people involved in the business. The right approach is not only about taking the minimum measures required to fulfil the legal requirements. If appropriate measures are been taken it can even be beneficiary to the company.

Improper practise of health and safety may lead to illness, accidents and loss of time which will cause substantial costs to the company. Such type of unplanned activities doesn't just harm the working environment it will even adversely affect the profit.

Good health and safety practices will also help in improving the company's reputation with the clients and with its own employees. This enhances the company's reputation in the market as well. The responsibility of following good health and safety standards doesn't only implies for the employer it is also the duty of the employees to follow the standards set by the company, If the company fails to set good standards of health and safety as per legislation then the company can be prosecuted under Health and Safety act 1974, Construction Design Management (CDM) Regulation etc. Thus every construction company and employee has to have proactive approach towards following good Health and Safety practises.

2) Case Study:

This report focuses on the Health and Safety practices followed by BAA during Construction of London Heathrow Terminal 5B Project. In order to achieve safe construction and to complete the project in time and budget, the BAA management team recognised that it has to have a very efficient system in place to manage Health and Safety and to set high industrial standards. The second building (i.e.T5B) of Heathrow T5 is constructed by 5B project team; the team became the first team to achieve one million safe working hours without reporting a single accident. Here are some of the Health and Safety initiatives taken by the team.

  1. Provision of welfare facilities at fixed construction site.
  2. Dust control in site during construction.
  3. On-site Health Screening.

1) Provision of welfare facilities at fixed construction site:

Workers working in a construction site need adequate washing facilities and toilets, they need a dedicated place where they can relax and eat their food and a place to store the cloths. Most often these basic requirements are neglected. Good facilities will help in creating a good working atmosphere and will have a positive benefit on Health and well being of the employees and will help prevent Dermatitis. This can be easily achieved by:

2) Dust control in site during construction:

Dust generated during different construction activity is one of the major issues causing serious breathing problems to the workers. Some of the construction activities generating dust are concrete slab cutting or shaping, stones kerbing etc. Concrete cutting Saws are generally used to perform these functions. During this action large amount of respirable dust is generated which usually contains crystalline silica contents, working in such place may lead to respiratory problems due to scarring of lung tissues. This problem can be minimized by using dust control systems on concrete cutting saws. Some of the modern dust control methods are as follows:

In this method water is sprayed on to the rotating cutting disk of the saw which in turn reduces dust emission. This type of system can be used on saws powered by compressed air.

3) On-site Health Screening:

The objective of the proposal to introduce on-site health screening is to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst construction workers. These also helps in gathering the data about the health conditions of the workers which helps the management to take the decisions about the health and safety practises to be followed. These can be achieved by doing the following on-site tests

3) Conclusion:

BAA has achieved the best in securing safe working environment to the employees but money makes men guilty, as the progress with the project people forget unknowingly their health and its value, so initiatives given should be taken into consideration to protect employees and to have a safe and healthy working environment forever.

4) Bibliography

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