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To improve a manual system


Our project is to improve a manual system to an automated system, so we selected a local bookshop which had limited number of functions so it's going to be easier for our project.

The scope of the project is to analyze the need for a bookshop system, and to find advantages to formulate an effective computerized bookshop system that will eliminate the existing problems.

In this process of analyzing, information were obtained from the staff as well as the customers

Proposed system is expected to have simplified Bookshop system that will eliminate the difficulties and disadvantages of not having a system.

The system is also expected to satisfy both the customers as well as the staff members in having efficient and effective Bookshop System.

Systems Request Summery

The Manager of the Book Shop requested us to design and implement an automated IT system to replace their current manual system. He wanted a very effective and efficient system which they expect more profits from this investment to the IT system. He wanted a system which is really user friendly because he didn't want the staff members to be unhappy with working in the new system.


As we visited the Book Shop and spoke with the staff members and the customers we found out the followings as main points for the design and what they expect us to do;


We recommend the shop to have a complex system which will cover all the areas but the simple user interface so that any user can use the system easily.

Time and Cost Estimation

As we estimated the total program will take around 75 days to be developed. We are planning to finish the project within 72 days, but we kept 5 days extra incase of emergency.

As the book shop isn't a company which is not gaining huge profits they wanted us to stick to a smaller budget. After our main analysis we decided to complete the project for 385,000 LKR.

Expected outcomes

By using automated system we hope to overcome these disadvantages of the manual system. In manual system all the things in the system have to do manually. So it causes to make lot of mistakes. Then using automated system we cam over come these things. Using automated system make this advantages to the system.

Observing sales is useful to control businesses. Like controlling stocks, getting people to work, investing more for each item... etc.

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