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Title: English Speaking Skills in Non-native speaking Children Published: (1st Jun 2020)
Title: Self-reflection on the Critical Period Hypothesis Published: (1st Jun 2020)
Title: Importance of Language Development in Early Childhood Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: English in Post Revolutionary Iran Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Problems of Task-based English Language Teaching in Chinese High School Classrooms Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Annotated Bibliography: Acquisition of French as a Second Language Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Language and Development Observation of Child with Downs Syndrome Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Negative Transfer Effect by Cantonese Students Learning English Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: The Use of Loans in English in Spain and in America Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Issues and Challenges of Cataloging Materials in Non-roman Languages Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Critical Period Hypothesis of Language Learning Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Effect of Repetition and Rhymed Video-songs in Facilitating Adults L1 (Arabic) and L2 (English) Acquisition Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Analysis of the Transmission Model for Communication Theories and Research Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Is it Possible to Create a Universal Language? Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Code Switching, Emotions and Trauma Narratives Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Advantages and Disadvantages of Dual Language Schools Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Influences of Second Language Acquisition Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: A Detailed Account of the Use and Status of Languages in South Africa Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Spanish Language in the United States Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: ELF and GE Notions in ELT: Evaluation Listening Materials in Two Textbooks Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Early Childhood Language Development in the Digital age: A Review of Research Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Effect of Media and Texting on Language Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Effect of Latin on the Romance Languages Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Strategies to Prevent the Extinction of Languages Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Languages in Brazil Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Role of Language in the Formation of Social Attitudes Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Rhetorical Analysis and Italian Subculture Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Development of a Powerful Identity through Language Published: (21st Mar 2019)
Title: Vocal Sounds That Mean the Same in Every Language Published: (28th Mar 2018)
Title: Peer Correction in Teaching Writing Skills Published: (2nd Jan 2018)
Title: Modernismo in Spanish-american Poetry of the 20th Century Published: (2nd Jan 2018)
Title: Influences of the Norwegian Language Published: (2nd Jan 2018)
Title: Summary of the Somali Language Published: (20th Sep 2017)
Title: Promotion of Language Proficiency Among Newcomers in Canada Published: (20th Sep 2017)
Title: Language Analysis of Film: Directive Illocutionary Acts Published: (20th Sep 2017)
Title: Dimensions of Word Meaning Published: (20th Sep 2017)
Title: Analysis of Modality in Language Published: (20th Sep 2017)
Title: Similes in Literature and Daily Life Published: (20th Sep 2017)
Title: Has Music of the 1950's Shaped Today's Music? Published: (20th Sep 2017)
Title: English and Vietnamese Language Comparison Published: (20th Sep 2017)
Title: Development of Language from Rituals Published: (19th Sep 2017)
Title: Structure and Features of the Arabic Language Published: (6th Sep 2017)
Title: Eco-Translatoloty: English Translation of Chinese Classics Published: (6th Sep 2017)
Title: Theory of Migration and Cultural Constructions of Home Published: (6th Sep 2017)
Title: Features of Representational Meaning Published: (6th Sep 2017)
Title: Problems of Syntax Published: (6th Sep 2017)
Title: Definition of Reading Published: (19th Jun 2017)
Title: Attitudes Towards Accents: The Scouse Accent Published: (7th Jun 2017)
Title: The Creole language Published: (11th May 2017)
Title: Schema Theory: Usefulness For Language Teaching Published: (5th May 2017)
Title: International and global language Published: (2nd May 2017)
Title: Gender Differences In Aspects Of English Language Use Published: (27th Apr 2017)
Title: Isolationism in Metamorphosis Published: (13th Apr 2017)
Title: Foreign language instruction should begin in Kindergarten Published: (28th Feb 2017)
Title: Pramoedya ananta toer, his life and his literary achievements Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: Demand for communication in english in vietnam Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: Language transfer Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: Contrastive analysis Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: Cosmetic products Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: Grammatical constraints on code-switching Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: Chat language Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: Comprehending English text Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: Languages Essays - Italian Economic Miracle Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: Functions of Modal Verbs in European and British Legal Documents Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: Manages debated and controversial topic in english Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: Improve your paragraphs by varying the complexity of your sentences Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: Characterize The Protagonist Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: The First Born Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: Importance of foreign language Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: The Life Of Alexander Pushkin Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: Eal Observed In A Primary School Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: An overview of World Englishes Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: Diglossia and the variation of the colloquial arabic Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: What is intellectuality? how and to what effect is it used in the media? Published: (1st Jan 1970)
Title: Cross-cultural differences on language learners Published: (1st Jan 1970)

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