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Title: Rights of Individuals Essay Published: (1st Jun 2020)
Title: Ethical Analysis of Deporting Illegal Immigrants Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Trans-Bathroom Rights are Human Rights Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Role of Religion and Morality in the Debate of Slavery Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Uniqueness of the Holocaust Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Waiting till the Midnight Hour: Re-conceptualizing the Heroic Period of the Civil Rights Movement | Analysis Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: How is forced child labor in China supported by the United States? Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Modern Segregation in a Post-Segregated Era Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: The Intersection of Race and Xenophobia:Black African-Born Immigrants Struggle for Employment Based Income Equity Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: International Violations of Human Rights Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Impact of Native Indian Children's Forced Boarding School Experiences Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Different Perceptions of Nelson Mandela Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: The History of Segregation in Milwaukee Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Case Study: Ricky Jackson Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Biography of Emily McKay Perry Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Triangle Fire and the Rights of Immigrant Workers in the US Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Christine Jorgensen and Transgender Rights Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Status of LGBT Minorites in America Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Annotated Bibliography: The Refugee Crisis Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Civil Rights Movement: History of the Greensboro Four Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: The Rights of Women in South Africa Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Borderless: The Lives of Undocumented Workers Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Educational Rights for Immigrant Students Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Post- Traumatic Slave Syndrome Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Arguments on the Justification of Torture Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Racism of Towards Japanese-Americans in World War II Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: A Review on Ta-Nehisi Coates’ We Were Eight Years in Power Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Issue of Diminishing the Marginalisation of Mental Disabilities as Well as Physical Disabilities Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Issue of Protecting Journalists and Whistle-blowers Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Disobediance as a Form of Protest Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Literature Review on Transgender Issues: Understanding Issues on Gay Rights Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: History and Impacts of Slavery Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: The Implementation and Enforcement of Human Rights: CYC Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Wahayu: The Forgotten “Child-Brides” and Slaves of Niger Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Women and Genocide in Rwanda Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Importance and History of Liberty in the US Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People's Autonomy and Control Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Pachuco’s Blue Eyes: How Discrimination Shapes Perception Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Nativism in America: The Truth Behind their Fears Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Impact of the Lord’s Resistance Army Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Housing as a Civil Right in Operation Murambatsvina Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Why Is Advocacy Important for NGO Sustainability? Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Impact of the Holocaust on Jews Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Treatment of the Jews in Elie Wiesel’s Night Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Racism, Nationalism, and International Bystanders as Contributing Factors of War and Atrocity Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Treatments of the Jews and Slavs in the Holocaust Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Smoking and Human Rights: Tobacco Endgame Under Ethical Considerations Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Trump’s Controversial and Continuous Fight to End TPS Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Human Experimentation During the Nazi Regime Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Is Water a Human Right or a Commodity? Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Being Transgender in the Military: Trump’s Ban Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Internet Censorship in China and Saudi Arabia Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Celia, A Slave: History of Sexual Assaults Against Slaves Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: The Injustice of Capital Punishment Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Are Human Rights Universal or Culturally Specific? Evualtion of East Asia Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Key Terms in Refugees and Human Rights Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Human Rights Violitions in Areas of Conflicts Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Abraham Joshua Heschel and Civil Rights Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: European Refugee Crisis and the European Union's Restriction Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: A Struggle for Equality: The Fight to Pass the ERA Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Comparing Human Rights on a Global Scale Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Gender Based Violence Against Rohingya Women: Before and After Arriving in Refugee Camp in Bangladesh Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Pan Africanism Research and Reading Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: European Court of Human Rights and Religious Discrimination Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Africville: Was Canada a just society? Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Research of the Racial Injustices and Exploitation of African American College Athletes Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: History of Slavery in the United States Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Argument for the Abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Issue of Mandatory Detention of Asylum Seeker Children in Australia Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Historical Background of LGBTQ Rights Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Huey P. Newton's Political Activism Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: UNCRC's Recognition of Child Vulnerability and Child Rights in the UK Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Development of the Black Lives Matter Movement Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Evaluation of Canada's Student Refugee Program’s (SRP) Services Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Anti-Semitism and the First Amendment Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Unfair Treatment of Immigrants Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: The Reality Behind Japan’s Pilot Refugee Resettlement Program Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: The Extent of Domestic Influence of the Immigration Act of 1924 Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Issues of Privacy and Government Hacking for Surveillance Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Discussion of the Concept that Discrimination is Everywhere Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Human Trafficking Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Issues in Legislation Preventing Human Trafficking Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Women's Rights in Cuba from 1950s-1970s Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Analysis of “Who’s Afraid of Gender-Neutral Bathrooms” Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Performance of the United Nations in the Pursuit of Universal Human Rights Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Separation of Families in the US: Immigration Debates Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: What Brings Asylum Seekers to the UK Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Death with Dignity Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: California Memorial of the Armenian Genocide Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Is There a Moral Difference Between Active and Passive Euthanasia? Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Is Inequality Still and Issue in Modern Britain? Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Colorblind Racial Ideology (CBRI) as a Perpetuator of Institutionalized Racism Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: The Treatment of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Distress Migration: Escaping from North Korea Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act of 2010 Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Apartheid South Africa: Truth and Reconciliation Commission Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: Is Mass Incarceration A Modern Form of Institutionalized Slavery? Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: Human Trafficking in the United States: Types and History Published: (5th Aug 2019)
Title: The 'Separate But Equal' Concept in US Segregation Published: (5th Aug 2019)

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