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Title: Art Concept Article Published: (1st Jun 2020)
Title: Consuming Television Adverts Essay Published: (1st Jun 2020)
Title: Arts of the Renaissance Period Essay Published: (1st Jun 2020)
Title: Development of Country Houses into Exhibitions Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: High Renaissance and Impressionism Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: The Parameter and Constraint to House the Infinite And as Autonomous Decision Making Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Art History: Ancient to Gothic Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Ethics of Appropriation Across Traditional Art and Design Fields Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Saving an Art Museum and Its Neighboring Community Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Exploring the Creative Typographic Relationships Between Modernism and Current Design Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Restoring the Spirit: Celebrating Hatitan Art | Analysis Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Analysis of The Agnew Clinic and the Controversies Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Representation of Womanhood in Baroque Art Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Edward Hopper, Ground Swell 1939 | Art Critique Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Themes of Art by Tracey Rose Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: The Crystal Tower: Importance of Glass Culture in Art History Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: An Examination of Post-humanism and Body Obsoletion Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Effects of Copying Artwork on Creativity Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: The Hypotheses Regarding Early Christian Art Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Impact of Aristotle on Art and Drama Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Statue of Kouros vs. Statue of Khafre Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Liminality and Ambiguity in Artwork Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Biography and Impact of David Hockney Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: To Return of Not to Return: Discussions of Art Reciprocity Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Influence of Female Body Sexualisation in Renaissance Paintings on Modern Day Marketing Campaigns Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: To What Extent Was Giotto Constrained by the Patronage of Enrico Scrovegni When He Painted the Arena Chapel? Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: A Critical Review of Ryoan-ji and Noji Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Modernism as the Rejection of Tradition: European Artworks 1860-1935 Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Adaption of Renaissance Artistic Representations in Modern Day Artists Published: (18th May 2020)
Title: Should Governments Subsidise the Arts? Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Critical Exhibition Review of Haegue Yang’s The Intermediates Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Semiotics and the Visuality of the Comics Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: From Prop to Sculpture: The Role of the Object in Artists’ Moving Image Practices Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Calla Lily (Lily – Yellow, No. 2) by Georgia O’Keeffe Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Wall Painting: Polyphemus and Galatea in a Landscape Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Forms and Development of Printmaking Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Issues of Museum Art and Clear Provenance Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Exploration of Disclocation in the Work of Contemporary African Artists Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Art Illusions and the Visual System Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Influence of Mental Illness on Vincent Van Gogh's Later Works Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Value of Antony Gormley’s Artwork the ‘Angel of the North’ Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Members of Los Tres Grandes in the Mexican Muralist Movement Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Art in the Edo and Mughal Period Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Analysis of the Social Dance Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: The Mexican Muralism Movement Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Using Art to Challenge Racial Stereotypes and Racial Injustices Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Importance of Art in the Expression and Understanding of Physiological States Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: History of Franco Belgian Comics Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Australian Aboriginal Rock Art: History and Significance Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Separation of Art and Artist Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: MoMA and the MET: Similarities and Contrasts in Portraying the Modernist Movement Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: The Birth of Venus: Background, Controversy and Similarities Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Arts through Tragedy: Perceptions of Storytelling Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Comparing Painting and Photography Portraiture Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Street Arts: Arguments on it as a Form of Expression Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Status of Art During the Renaissance Period Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Comparison of Katsushika Hokusai and Christiane Baumgartner Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Development of Marriage throughout Art History Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: West African Textiles in Religion and Ritual Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Black African Race Through Picasso’s Primitivism Modern Painting: Les Demoiselles d’Avignon Published: (8th Feb 2020)
Title: Artistic Originality in the Age of Mechnical Reproduction Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: History and Analysis of the Ashoka Pillar Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: The Internet as a Space for Digital Art Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Medusa by Michelangelo Caravaggio Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Tiziano Vecellio's The Pieta Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: How Does Salvador Dali’s Perspective on Life Influence His Art? Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Influence of Louis Jacque Mande Dauguerre Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Impact of the Art World on Autonomy and Politicisation of Biennial Art Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Analysis of Concept Art Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Harn Diversity Project Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up | Analysis of Lifestyle, Fashion and Identity Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Virgin & Child Sculpted by Niklaus Weckmann Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Recovering Art For Excluded Minority Groups Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Diversity at the Harn Museum of Art Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Anne-Sophie-Pic Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Concept of Originality in the Avant-garde Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Gender Experiences and Representations in Facism Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Marginalisation of Kurdish People: A study into Kurdish Art Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Four Liberal Arts Breadth Areas Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Analysis of Édouard Manet’s Repose and Berthe Morisot’s Self-Portrait Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Artworks that Challenge China's Political System Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Da Vinci's Development as an Artist Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Dreams by Jacob Lawrence | Analysis Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Kleines Glasportal, Bellevue Kreuzlingen Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Frida Kahlo | Biography Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: The Yellow Book: Textual Condition and Image Cultivation Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Representations of the Landscape Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Wine Vase (Zun) – Shang Dynasty Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Shape of Light: Institution as Validation Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Turner and the Evolution of Painting Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Albrecht Durer: History and Analysis Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Relationship Between the Changes in Society and Art of the Early Twentieth-century Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: German Expressionism: A Crystalline Utopian Society Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Contemporary Artist Jenny Saville and the Importance of Her Work in Today’s Society Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Explorations of Identity in Photographic Portraiture Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: The History of Glass Making Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Masaccio, Botticelli, and Lippi Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Creating a New Brand for a New Business: Contemporary Art Published: (23rd Sep 2019)
Title: Comparison of Social and Formal Distinctions of Artwork from Different Cultures Published: (23rd Sep 2019)

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