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How to write a General Studies Essay

There can be a certain mystery to writing a general studies essay. Your choice of topics can range from biology, English, and history to the arts. It can all be a bit daunting, so take the mystery out of writing a general studies essay by focusing on one subject you love and have an interest in.

If your professor has given you a general guideline, follow their instructions to the letter. If not, this leaves you free to research and focus on an area of interest. Utilize online sources, such as Google Scholar, Highbeam, and Questia, to gather research material and sources.

Compile all of your research and select a main topic to focus your general studied essay. Determine if you are going to write a compare and contrast essay, a persuasive essay, or critical analysis essay. Each will require through and detailed research to prepare a compelling and persuasive argument. Think about your argument and build your topic sentence around this.

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Provide interesting and relevant supporting documentation as you move through your essay. Mini-thesis statements can be used to provide extra supporting information that will sway your reader. Document your sources and provide a richly detailed description when offering an opinion on fact within your general studies essay.

Provide as much sourced information as you can to influence your reader and add credence to your essay.

Your last task before turning in your general studies essay will be a careful review to ensure you have answered each point and argument, reached logical conclusions, and are turning in an essay that is free of spelling and grammar errors.

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