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How to write a Finance Essay

A financial essay can require a critical analysis of accounting practices, business statistics, payroll issues and tax issues. You can examine the relationship amongst government regulations, statutory fees, and complex formulas to develop a thoroughly researched financial essay.

You must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics and theories applied to each topic and how each impacts the other. Financial essays rarely rely on opinion, but focus on fact and formulas to determine outcomes. Think in terms of legal issues or ethical issues to develop insightful topics within your essay.

Solid sources of information can be obtained from your textbook, class notes, and the library. Additional sources of information are available in financial journals and newspapers. Rely on these sources to provide you with pertinent and accurate information and data.

Once you have chosen your topic, expand on this point with persuasive documented information that corroborates your thesis statement. Showcase your comprehensive understanding by preparing a through analysis of your subject matter. Prepare detailed charts and graphs to correspond with your data. These visual aids will confirm and support your conclusions.

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Your professor will likely provide a detailed guide to direct you in formatting your financial essay. If not, utilize proper MLA or Harvard formatting to compose a professional looking essay. Pay particular attention to proper documentation of sources and supporting clauses.

Before submitting your essay for grading, spend the time to revise and edit your essay accordingly. Look for errors in punctuation, spelling and grammar, and syntax. Carefully review your financial essays to ensure a methodical and logical argument and conclusion was reached.

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