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How to write a Film Studies Essay

Writing a film studies essay opens an assortment of topics. There is critical analysis of a particular film, the impact of cinema of our culture, the role of propaganda films on political and social issues, the emergence of auteur theory, and film histories. Each of these topics is fascinating and, as a film studies scholar, they provide you with a wealth of insight and inspiration to complete an intuitive film studies essay.

Once you have narrowed your topic to a particular area of interest, research articles, texts, blogs and books to gain valuable insight into your area of interest. Pay particular attention to your professor's outline for guidance on length, style, and source requirements. If you are writing a critical analysis of a particular film, use Internet sources and library research to obtain newspaper reviews and commentary on your film.

Sources, such as Google Scholar and Highbeam, can also be used to gleam additional information and analysis of a particular film. These sources can also be used to develop arguments and research the role film has had on our culture. Film studies typically falls under Humanities, so you will likely be using the MLA formatting to write your essay. Begin by developing an outline to guide you on your topic sentence and main points.

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As you are writing your film studies essay, revisit your outline to assist you in staying focused and on topic. Keep a detailed list of your sources to easily complete your works cited or bibliography page. Begin by composing a standard format of introductory paragraph which will contain your topic sentence. Each subsequent paragraph will provide your main points and supporting evidence. The use of bullets in your essay can create useful and informative points to direct a readers' attention and will make your essay more readable.

Close your film studies essay with a review of each main point and concluding thoughts. Finally, evaluate your essay for sentence structure, spelling and grammar, and flow.

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