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How to write an European Studies Essay

As a student of European studies, you are most likely intrigued by the changes and forces that are reshaping Europe on a social, economic, and political level. Writing a European studies essay then will most likely cover one of these areas of interest and provide you with a way to shape your thinking within your academic career as well as add to your knowledge to advance in a job with a political science or public administration focus.

Your European studies essay topic should be culled from an area related to European history, law, economics or sociology, opting for something that resonates with you so that your interest enhances the degree of research and the way you argue your thesis. Reflect on your lectures and study notes to provide a basis for a topic that will be narrow enough to offer new thoughts but wide enough to locate significant research among the library and online sources that are available.

Utilise research sites like Google Scholar, Google Books, Questia and online scholarly journal databases geared toward Europe, politics, economics or sociology to gather enough source material to shape your thesis and create a European studies essay outline.

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Most European studies essay assignments follow a typical essay structure comprised of introduction with a background and thesis statement, moving from general to specific; various body paragraphs that each cover a specific point related to the thesis statement; and a conclusion that summarises the main argument related to the thesis and then provides some critical thinking on what it all means in relevance to Europe today or what can be learned to make positive change, which illustrates that you were taking the theoretical learning from your class and applying it to a specific situation. Before submitting your European studies essay, be sure to read it over many times and make revisions that reflect accurate grammar, format and reference style, spelling, and flow.

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