How to write an Environmental Studies Essay

As one of the most relevant, compelling, and often controversial topics today, environmental studies is an area of academia that offers a wide range of subject matter - from global warming and climate change to sustainable living and pollution - which requires careful consideration when selecting a topic and developing a thesis statement.

Make sure that you narrow your topic and thesis for your environmental studies essay so that it covers a niche issue or problem that offers a way to address on part of the environment that allows for exploration of ideas and arguments on the subject. With the help of available research in your library and especially online through scientific journal databases as well as current blogs, articles, forums and books, you will be able to then put together a list of key points to cover that can be overlaid on an environmental studies essay outline, including the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Using a Harvard or APA format, you will need to format and reference each area of your environmental studies essay that will be expanded into full paragraphs with connecting sentences that relate to your thesis statement.

In your outline, it may be useful to create subheads to guide how you will arrange your argument and then use reference material, case study materials, and statistics as well as graphs and illustrations, where necessary, to make your case. Follow all the instructions in the environmental studies essay assignment around word count, format, style, and in-text reference requirements for the paper as well as the references page that must be included.

Read your environmental studies essay aloud and see if it makes sense to you in terms of flow and where you are taking your reader. Also, if there is time, get feedback from others on what you can improve in terms of grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and argumentation prior to submitting it to your professor.

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