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How to write a Cultural Studies Essay

As a cultural studies student, you know that your cultural studies essay could involve any number of disciplines and subject areas - from sociology, philosophy, and anthropology to social psychology, political and social science, and even literary theory.

With such a wide range of subject matter as standalone disciplines not to mention variable combinations therein, you may be perplexed where to start on your cultural studies essay. That is why you may often be provided a list of topics to choose from in forming your thesis statement. If not, you will need to peruse your study notes and reference material to narrow down an area that you can provide an argument for as well as find enough background material and sources to substantiate your argument.

A cultural studies essay often has a specific introduction with an overview on the topic and the thesis, a literature review that highlights what is known on the topic, a set of findings or observations on your part tied to your own primary research done from survey, observation or interviews, an analysis of those findings, and a conclusion that summarises the entire topic and ties everything back to the thesis.

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To keep you organised and focused on the main subject or issue at hand, construct an outline that builds off of three or four main points that relate to your thesis. Add in your research and findings to flush out each section while using the assigned referencing style and format and creating the references list.

As your writing progresses, look to tie each section together with a transition that points the reader to what is up next so they do not feel lost. With your findings, you may need to create charts and graphs to help illustrate the data backed up by commentary about what they mean.

Leave enough time to reread and revise, including getting feedback from others about what could be improved. Don't forget to review grammar and spelling as this is an area where you can gain or lose significant marks.

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