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How to write a Classics Essay

A classics essay often involves deep critical thinking that reflects the thoughts and ideas of the deep thinkers you are writing about. You most likely will be provided with a classics essay topic but there may be times where you are asked to think of one yourself. You can gather your ideas from your readings or from beginning to research the particular authors of the classics you must write about.

From this topic idea and research, you can develop a thesis statement that will be your guide for creating your argumentation in terms of proving or disproving the thesis statement. While you will also receive specific guidelines in terms of number of pages, format, and content style, a classics essay is often written in MLA format so be sure to study the format style to understand how you should lay your classics essay out and how you should incorporate in-text references and design your references list at the end of the essay.

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There is a wealth of available research online and in libraries as the classics have been well-studied over many decades, providing you with a lot of material from which to shape your own argumentation. Be sure to find three to four main ideas that can substantiate your thesis statement, each of which will then become a body paragraph in your essay.

Craft an outline with an introduction section that ends with your thesis and then turn each of the main ideas into a main section of your outline. Then, finish with a conclusions section where you will quickly summarise the ideas but then spend the majority of this portion of the classics essay, highlighting your own analysis beyond what the references have provided.

Each section of your outline can then be added to with the various notes and background material found in the references. Be sure to reread as you write and revise to ensure each section logically connects to the next to help the reader. Details are important so also recheck spelling and grammar as well as formatting instructions before submitting your classics essay.

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