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Suggested Final Checklist for Your PhD. Thesis

As has been stated, it is vital to go over your completed thesis one last time in order for you to submit a successful thesis. What follows is a simple but quite comprehensive checklist which you can apply to your finished thesis:

  • Ensure that the format is correctly in place in your thesis so that everything which should be present is so (you may wish to consult the suggested format for your thesis in this guide for some help with this).
  • Check your grammar, punctuation and spelling one last time and do not rely on your computer’s grammar and/or spell-check – computers are only as good as those that operate them and they do sometimes suggest that something is wrong when it is not so check for yourself if you are not sure!
  • Go through the referencing and use of citations in your thesis and ensure that it adheres exactly to the method prescribed by your college or university. Yes, this is laborious but mistakes will have to be corrected and better you discover and correct them than your examiners do!
  • Read through your chapters one last time to check content and use of evidentiary support: you will be tired of it by now but stick with it, you are nearly there!
  • Check your appendices and their contents and ensure that everything that should be there is there.
  • If everything is in place, then and only then is your thesis ready for submission.

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Most universities and colleges insist that a thesis submitted for a PhD. should be bound professionally (three copies is usual – one for the department, one for the university library and one for you) and usually they will suggest a company that they use regularly to do this for you (soft-bound at first) – you should take their advice. The final presentation of your thesis must be done according to the rules prescribed by the college or university where you have carried out your research and you should take advantage of any assistance and advice from those experienced in this – you need all the help you can get if your thesis is to succeed!

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