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After the Viva – What Next?

Often, you will be given the provisional result of your PhD. at the viva itself – if you receive good news this is great, if not it can be more than a little stressful for all concerned.

Basically, the examiners can make any one of the following recommendations:

  • That the PhD. be awarded outright (the best of all possible results but rare)
  • That the PhD. be awarded with certain revisions (these can range from the simple correction of a series of typographical errors to the major rewriting of specific sections of the thesis)
  • That the PhD. be rewritten in its entirety within a specific time scale (this would probably require the additional approval of the academic research committee)
  • That the candidate be offered the lesser degree of Master of Philosophy outright
  • That the candidate be offered he lesser degree of Master of Philosophy with specified revisions to be made before the lesser degree is awarded.
  • That the candidate be failed.

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The most likely of these by far is that you will be offered a PhD. with specified revisions. These revisions will need to be approved before you can be officially awarded the degree which will, in any case, need to be ratified by the faculty and senate of the college or university where you have conducted your research.

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