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How To Apply For Your Masters Degree

Applying for your Masters degree can take different forms depending on your personal circumstances. If you have studied for a Bachelors Degree at the college or university where you intend to apply to study for your Masters Degree the process is likely to be easier simply because the department will know the standard of you work and can then judge more easily if you are capable of a Masters Degree. Usually, you will be expected to have achieved a 2.1 or a 1st in order to study at postgraduate level though all universities exercise discretion over this. If this is your situation, then have a chat to your tutor and ask them about applying for a Masters, they will be able to advise you how best to proceed and will give you tips on how to apply and the likelihood of your being accepted.

However, if you are applying after a gap between your Bachelors and your Masters or you want to study elsewhere, then you will need to follow a procedure very similar to that which you undertook for your first degree. In other words you will need to:

  • Complete an application form
  • Provide two references (usually one personal and one academic)
  • Provide a personal statement
  • Provide copies of your previous qualifications
  • Provide copies of TOEFL if applicable

(The final requirement only applies if you are a foreign student and in this case you may also need to provide proof of sponsorship etc.)

What it is essential to remember when completing your application is that the university or college to which you are applying will judge you by what is on the documents in front of them. They do not know you as a person and fewer and fewer institutions are interviewing these days so it is essential that you make your case for studying at the academic institution as strong as possible.

Think of the application form and personal statement as a way of introducing yourself to the person who is reading them, think of the impression that you want to make and then try to get that down on paper. You need to sound enthusiastic towards the course and the university or college and to demonstrate that you will be bringing something to the course as well as taking something from it.

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