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Finding Resources For Your Masters Dissertation

Whether you have begun your Masters Degree straight from your Bachelors Degree or are returning to study after some time in the professional environment, when you begin work on your Masters Degree dissertation one of the things that you are likely to find most difficult is finding resources.

This is not because there are not resources available it is because finding the right resources for your Masters Degree dissertation can be overwhelming. The main reason for this is that you need resources for two main areas:

  1. To help you to find a topic for your Masters Degree dissertation
  2. To provide evidentiary support for the argument you are building.

The first of these, finding resources to help you to find a topic for your Masters Degree dissertation, will be needed in order to prepare your proposal. From these resources you will gather ideas about what has already been said in the area you are looking at and identify gaps that your research can fill. The second of these complements the first because building on the resources from which you found your original ideas you will now be seeking ways in which you can support the thesis that you developed fro your original research.

In the first case, you should initially look at the most important names in the area to establish a framework and look at their list of references. This will set you on the road to looking at the topic in a broader context. As you are reading, make a note of any areas which you feel are underdeveloped or that are of particular interest to you because these are the areas that you will be looking to develop when it comes to writing your own work. It is a good idea when you are researching always to jot down the place where you found a particular piece of research in the correct style of referencing; this makes it easier later when you are compiling your bibliography and helps you keep track of your research methodology.

In the second case, try to find the most up to date research that is available on the topic to search for your evidence. This means looking at journals, texts, peer reviewed articles - in fact everything that has been written on the subject that you can use to support or contest your argument. What you are trying to do is to be original and therefore you need to know the current state of the academic argument. This is why finding resources for your Masters Degree dissertation is so important.

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