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Working With Your Supervisor On Your Masters Dissertation

Finding the right supervisor is a very important part of researching and writing a Masters Degree dissertation. As you probably know, the dissertation takes up the largest part of your time and most of your marks when you are studying for a Masters Degree, so it is very important that you get it right. Therefore as soon as you have chosen or been allocated a supervisor for your Masters Degree dissertation, you should establish between you a pattern of work and meeting on a regular basis.

Always be aware that your supervisor will have a very busy schedule so the more warning you can give him or her regarding changing a meeting etc., the better it will be. Make sure that however often and at whatever time you have arranged to meet your supervisor, you keep to your arrangements because it is both rude and unfair not to do so. Your supervisor will be as keen as you are that you produce a really good Masters Degree dissertation so help them to help you by keeping your appointments and being well prepared for your sessions with your supervisor.

The most important thing to remember is not to allow yourself to drift. It is very easy to imagine that you have a great deal of time for your dissertation but that is not the case. However long you have been allocated for the completion of your dissertation, that is how long your university expects it to take.

Your supervisor will help you with this but they can't do it for you. Their part in your dissertation is essentially to guide you but if you don't make or keep appointments with them, they are not going to chase you: the responsibility is entirely yours and that is exactly how it should be because the Masters Degree will be yours, after all!

So, here is a 10 point plan for working well with your supervisor:

  1. Make regular appointments with your supervisor and keep them
  2. Be prepared for every meeting with your supervisor
  3. Between meetings, research and take notes to discuss at tutorials
  4. After meetings with your supervisor write a record of what has been decided
  5. Show regular drafts to your supervisor for feedback
  6. Incorporate any feedback into your work
  7. Keep a running bibliography reflecting your supervisor's input
  8. Ensure your supervisor is always aware of any problems you are having
  9. If you can't attend a meeting, let your supervisor know in good time
  10. Acknowledge the help your supervisor has given to you.

LIf you keep to this list it should make working with your supervisor on your Masters Degree dissertation much easier, more pleasant and more successful.

However, if you would like input from an outsider with an expert background in researching and writing a Masters dissertation then please contact us. We will be happy to clarify any doubts you may have and to help you with any and all aspects of your Masters Degree.

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