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Studying for a Vocational Masters Degree

In the present economic climate, more and more students are opting to study for vocational degrees. It is easy to see why this should be the case because it makes sense, if you are sure what career you intend to follow, to study for it with a job in mind. It makes even more sense, if this is the case, to study your vocational degree to the highest level hence your wise decision to study for a vocational Masters Degree which will stand you in good stead in the increasingly competitive market.

You do need, however, to be very sure that you intend to make what you are studying your career. There are many instances where students have spent three to five years studying for a vocational degree only to discover at the end of it that they really want to follow another career path. This isn't intended to be negative but however well a job pays, you are going to be miserable doing it for the rest of your life if your heart just isn't in it. So, be sure before you commit.

Having decided that you definitely want to pursue your vocational degree further, there are a few things that you should bear in mind when you are starting out:

  • As your degree is vocational, you will probably spend part of your Masters on work-related tasks as well as academic tasks: both are equally important.
  • Your dissertation might be expected to be work-related, too, so take this into consideration when you are planning it in your proposal.
  • Think very carefully about the specific area of your Masters in which you are most interested and stick to that for your dissertation topic if you can.
  • Read as widely and as carefully as you can: this is true of all Masters Degrees of course but it is especially vital in a vocational degree because the academic research must not be neglected in favour of the practical.

Of course many people return to study for a vocational Masters Degree after years of working in a professional capacity. This is particularly true if you are in say business or nursing where working in an ever changing field can often require that you return to study to upgrade your qualifications and enhance your status and capabilities.

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