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Studying for a Multidisciplinary Masters Degree

If you have studied for a multidisciplinary Bachelors Degree then it is likely that you will be thinking of studying the same subjects in your Masters Degree. However, if you have studied for a Masters in a single subject up to now you might be thinking of switching to two or more subjects for your Masters and there are many subjects that are suitable for this due to their complementary nature.

Subjects that immediately spring to mind are English and History, Maths and Economics, Politics and Philosophy...and that's just for starters! Many subjects feed into each other and extend the interest in one by expanding into the other so it is a natural progression in postgraduate work to think of extending your studies in this way. If you are thinking of doing this, though, you need to get yourself organised.

The first thing that you must do is to consult your tutors. They may have to get agreement from the faculties concerned for you to submit work in this way. Also, if you have only studied a single subject for your first degree, you may have to get permission from those in charge at the new subject area in order to take it to postgraduate level. It shouldn't be a problem but ask first as it will look better.

It is important to remember that when you are studying for a multidisciplinary Masters Degree neither of the subjects should appear to take precedence and there should be a clear connection between the two subject areas in your final dissertation.

It may be useful for you to begin to look at ideas for your final dissertation earlier than usual, in fact, if you are studying for a multidisciplinary Masters Degree. This is because you will obviously have more research to undertake and you will no doubt accumulate a great number of notes which will need to be sorted and selected in order for the focus to be clear throughout your work.

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