A Revising Strategy

Now it is time to think about revising – something that you might have been putting off but something that deserves a lot of attention, especially if you want to bring home those high marks.

Let's first start with the basics on revisions and better understand what it actually involves. Revision has been defined as the process of storing away information. Think of it as recording information so that you can access it later and use it for many different things – in this case, an exam, but it could also be helpful for the presentations we discussed in the last chapter.

Revision is that point in your academic career where you are committing to memory that higher level of understanding about everything you learned during lectures, research, coursework and your reading. While there are many ways to undertake revising and just as many types of students who all learn and code information differently, there are some basics that we have put together in this chapter that everyone can surely benefit from when it comes time to revise.

First off, the sagest of all advice but probably the most difficult to follow is to not worry and to not panic! If you try out this plan, you should be able to reduce those panic feelings because the preparation you make will build your confidence that you know all the material for the exam. To do this takes proper time management. Here's what you can do to make sure you give yourself ample time to revise:

Now it is time to get started on your actual revision. This is what you will want to do so that you have the information ready for each revision time on our time management calendar:

Here are some other ideas that will also help you to maximise your efforts when it comes to revising:

In providing a summary of this revising strategy, here are the main points:

By now, you should be ready to roll out your revising strategy. We hope that all the ideas and tips mentioned here will help you achieve the marks you deserve and accelerate your academic success! Now, some final thoughts on preparation and memory techniques!

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