Polished Presentations

Beyond just preparing for exams, your classes may also require that you put together a presentation that covers the term or year. As such, on top of revising, you may be feeling pressured to put together a polished presentation that shows you prepared, memorized, and rehearsed. To make it just a bit easier for you, we have put together some top tips for getting your presentation put together and you prepared to give it!

Of course, planning what you want to say and what to include is an essential part of every presentation, but even more valuable is to be able to not rely on a script and read it word for word. Instead, you want to be able to just focus on some key words and present in a more relaxed, natural way so you can focus on getting the audience engaged rather than putting them to sleep! While you have the tips listed below, the most important advice of all is to practice your presentation many times – stand in front of a mirror, present to your friends, and line up your cuddly toys if you have to but make sure you go over it again and again rather than wing it by leaving the presentation prep to the night before standing up in class!

As you get started, your need to first determine your objective and think about what your audience (including your professor) wants to know about and what you think would be interesting if you were sitting there. Then, you can brainstorm by making a mind map and draft out your materials into a set of cue cards. Make sure your visual aids are eye-catching and not overly wordy. These should be as brief as your cue cards and be more visual appealing.

When making a list of what to prepare, remember the following:

Next, you need to work on your presentation delivery, and this is where all that practice comes into play. You are not reading to your audience; you are talking to them. Think about what you do with your friends or family – it's a conversation or a dialogue that seems more natural in its delivery. This includes making eye contact and using body language to get your points across n an engaging manner. Here are some tips that will help you achieve this polished delivery:

Even with practice and preparation, it is still all too easy to get a case of the nerves. Try the following to help you stay calm and keep your mind focused on the task at hand so you can recall information and present with confidence even if you think you are crumbling inside:

Now that you have your presentation preparation and delivery under control, it is back to the task at hand – revising for those exams. The next chapter lays out a comprehensive, yet easy to implement, revising strategy to get you on the track to exam success.

Getting down to business A revising strategy