Deciphering Numbers and Maths Short-cuts

Studying for a maths exam or just wanting to recall maths formulas or information that contains a large amount of numbers can seem intimidating, but it does not have to be if you employ a few learning short-cuts and focus on some specific techniques that put the power of your built-in mental capacity.

First things first – do not panic! You will be able to master numbers, figures, and formulas in no time at all.  Let's start with some simple exercises:

There are other specific tips to employ when it comes to numbers, figures, and formulas:

In addition, consider these memory devices for your maths revising and exam:

The last areas of maths that needs to be learned and recalled is that of problem solutions in which you must know the right order of steps that are needed to solve maths problems. You can use the following tactics:

Lastly, there are some general maths study tips that will help you create the right environment for revising and for committing the key information to memory:

Just like maths, other technical topics can be a tricky area to revise for when it comes to exam time. Next up is the ability not to be blinded by science or utterly confounded by ICT.

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