Two Powerful Systems: The Major and the Dominic

While the other memory techniques provided here in this ebook definitely take time and effort, these two powerful memory recall systems require a significant amount of time before you understand what they can do and you master how to apply them to your own memorisation needs. So, while it is considered to be difficult to use, it is very effective and powerful. Just make sure you have the time to invest and not assume this is something you can do last minute while you cram for your upcoming exams.

The Major System essentially converts number sequences into nouns, then nouns into images, and finally images into sequences, which then become very detailed and complex. The association comes from numbers that are connected to consonant sounds. This list will first need to be mastered before moving on with the Major System:

There are multiple layers to how this can be understood:

Here's how those work:

Start practicing this technique by trying to memorise a long phone number. To do this, try combining a couple techniques:

A variant of the Major System is the Dominic System (developed by Dominic O'Brien - pictured right - British mnemonist and author of several memory related books, eight time world memory champion and trainer for Peak Performance Training), which also is viewed as challenging and requires significant time and effort to learn, but the results are that this very power memory technique can be very effective. This is a great system if you prefer to use images of people (famous or just personally known by you) over images of objects as part of your association, imagination, and visualisation efforts.

The basic premise is that people – and the actions associated with these people – are used to code numbers for memory recall. It is thought that human beings actually have an easier time with this than they do on storing imagery and information associated with objects. Here's what happens in this technique:

Once you have that down, it is time for the next steps:

Just be patient and prepared to take a lot of time on this part of the technique because it is not very easy and requires quite a bit of thought to create these types of associations. However, once you do, they will really stick in your brain! Your list will be individual to you because most of the people associations you make will be unique to your culture and to you as an individual.

Now, it is onto the application part of the Dominic Memory System. By now, you have the number-initial-person-action association created. Next is to apply them with the following methodology:

Both of these systems are very powerful, which means that they also require a lot of practice before they become second nature to you. Like the other memory systems, do not become discouraged; just keep trying to use them. Your brain will not only thank you for the mental exercise, but you will also be able to unlock new layers of memory recall ability that can prove useful to you as a student as well as for the ongoing learning practices you will need throughout your career and life.

Now that you have some of the memory basics now, let's look at how you can improve your memory ability for various types of learning across different subject and topic areas that you tend to come across as a student.

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