The Linking Method

Since the memory works by creating links between information and constructing facts and figures into mental frameworks that expand your knowledge library, it makes sense to consider a memory tool known as the linking method. This is especially helpful if you have to recall names, numbers, dates, grocery items and other mundane data that is hard to prioritise even if it is important. So far, you have learned that memorisation techniques are geared to getting you to focus and create meaning in everything you need to memorise whilst at the same time allowing your mind to exercise its creativity when developing this meaning. This chapter explains what the linking method – also known as the link method or chaining method – is and how it can be used to ignite your memory recall capacity.

The linking method is considered a simple, yet powerful, mnemonic technique. It provides moderate effectiveness for what is considered to be a very low learning investment that anyone can use and benefit from, especially students revising for their exams.

Here's how it works:

In using the linking method, it has been proven that an object that is associated to the next item on the list takes the confusion out of memorising lists of items even if it seems like the items do not share a relevant connection to each other. 

This is a memorisation technique that does take practice but is well worth the effort.   

Here is a good example of just how easy it is, using a random list of words or terms:

This is very similar to another memory technique known as the Story Method but, with the link method, it does not have to be as involved in the detail that would then turn it into a story or narrative. And, like other memory techniques, it is important that you hone your visualisation and imagination skills to activate the memory recall that is possible from these techniques.

The advantages with the linking method are that:

It will definitely take practice, so do not get discouraged if you do not find immediate success from the linking method. It takes time to get your mind wrapped around a certain technique and develop it into a skill. You will get there with practice and find it to be a great tool and technique for memory recall, especially during exam time!

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