Igniting Your Memory

The next few chapters will focus on additional memory tips and techniques that can help expand your capacity to store, remember, and recall what you need to succeed on exams and exponentially increase your knowledge. Many of these tips may seem silly or fun, but that's the point – a little levity, relaxation, and health and wellness focus goes a long way to helping your brain to do its thing. After all, the brain is the most powerful machine a person really has and technology has yet to replicate what it is capable of doing. Therefore, like any machine, you have to give it proper maintenance in order to get the optimum performance.

Now that you have some of your lifestyle issues adapted to your memory ignition programme, here are some other quick tips that can enhance your learning potential and memory capacity:

Now that some basics around your lifestyle and learning are underway, it's time to go deeper into the learning toolbox for some very helpful memory tools. Next up is a focus on imagination and association.

Mind mapping Helpful memory tools