Final Thoughts on Exam Preparation and Memory Techniques

Throughout this eBook, we have tried to offer you a wide range of study and memorization tips designed to help you achieve a successful academic term. Each student is different, so you may find some information and advice more useful than others. The main takeaways here are that learning and the revision process for exams does not have to feel like sheer torture nor does it have to be stressful if you arm yourself with the right tools and work on techniques that maximize your memory capabilities.

Before you sit down and plan out your revising strategy, think about what learning and memory techniques will serve you best. Or, if you are not sure, go back and review the chapters in this eBook and practice some of the techniques that have been described here. Of course, there are still other memory tools as well but the one s mentioned here are the most popular and have been proven to be the most effective. Also, try to put some of the note-taking and speed reading techniques presented at the start of the book to further your learning and memory momentum.

Now that you have all those tactics and strategies in place, it is time to think about the actual exam and end this book with some tips on what to do just before the exam as well as during the exam process. First, to get yourself ready, try these tips:

When you are sitting down for the exam, remember these suggestions that will continue to keep you calm and focused as well as help you achieve those high marks:

Now, it is that time that you have been preparing for and hopefully not agonising over – exam time is upon you. Here is what to expect and what you can do to keep yourself on the right track – after all, you do not want all that hard work of learning to read faster, taking more effective notes, training your brain to become better at recall and revising to go to waste!

After reading this eBook, we hope you feel more confident about your learning, memorizing, presenting, revising and exam taking skills! After all, learning should be fun and meaningful as it is what provides the basis for a storehouse of knowledge and life skills that will serve you well beyond your academic career! Good luck!

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