Accounting and finance personal statement

Money makes the world go around. Blunt but true, today's society is like a jungle, where the city men go after their prey and the rest of us reap what they sow. Also called the recession of 2008. Although a depressing statement I thrive upon the challenge of the words. Accounting and Finance; not just a play of numbers but a means to an answer, a beginning to an end. One plus one may equal two in the real world but in the business world it will always equal three.

The use of numbers to solve real life problems and situations is a fascinating thought. An accounting/finance and management course interests me as it will help me gain greater understanding of the world around us and the fact is that finance; the economics of numbers, affects our daily lives. Accounting and finance would be a great course to study as I see it as the language of all businesses and it can open doors to many opportunities. Being part of a family where most members are businessmen has also bought upon an interest in this area of career, for some years now I have known that this is the route I want to go down. I have a mind for numbers and business, which has lead to a desire to learn more about accounting and finance. I think logically and have a business type approach towards many things. Since a teenager money management has been a strong skill of mine and I see this as a starting point for financial management. Working with numbers has always been a strong skill of mine and one that I enjoy, so being able to work with numbers in a business context appeals strongly to me; proving accounting/finance to be a perfect course to study.

Having studied Maths and Economics at A level has lead to a further interest in accounting, finance and management. I enjoy maths as I find it almost a second nature to me; thoroughly enjoy working on equations and manipulating data to get an answer. Economics provides valuable intriguing knowledge about how business, government and people interact and share the world's scarce resources. Both these subjects present a starting point for the course I will hopefully study. Other subjects I am studying are ICT and Biology. ICT is a huge part of today's society and will continue to dominate the future, so learning about it now feels like an investment for tomorrow. Taking Biology has proved to be a very fascinating subject and has provided me with a great amount of interesting knowledge. I take interest in learning about the human body and how and why things work the way they do.

As the finance director of my group in Young Enterprise I have learnt to work effectively in a team as well as independently, have improved my oral skills through presentations and improved my listening skills through hearing out others ideas. Having a part time job as a sales assistant at a pharmacy and being a mentor to students in the lower years at my school has also helped me become more confident and independent. Dealing with customers and mentoring pupils has helped me develop oral and listening skills and taking on the responsibility of the job overall has introduced a new level of management. In addition working on coursework from the early stages of GSCE and doing projects such as Young Enterprise has improved my ability to meet deadlines, improve my time management and to work well under pressure; which I have learned is a helpful skill in the areas of a financial management career.

My favourite hobby is basketball which I love playing with my family and friends. Apart from being a fun fast paced sport it provides essential skills such as team work and sportsmanship as you need to be able to interact and work well within a team in order to play a good game. Playing basketball also strengthens my competitive streak which pushes me to pursue and win anything that comes my way.

So in the words of Abraham Lincoln "I will study and get ready, and perhaps my chance will come." I hope you will give me this chance as achieving a degree in this course will be the next step in order for me to achieve my ambition of working in a finance based career.

After a certain point, money is meaningless. It ceases to be the goal. The game is what counts - aristotle

A goal is not about the destination but the journey you take to get there.

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