Personal statement examples

Personal statement writing is one of the hardest things you’ll have to complete at the start of your university application process. You really have to sell yourself and make sure that your personal statement is by far the best piece of writing that you have ever penned!

When writing your personal statement, speak from your heart and the words will flow. Write like you are explaining to your best friend why you want to come to the selected school and the graduate program. Then, edit your words into a cohesive, tightly written essay until you are happy with it.

Don’t over think it. Sincerity will shine through every single time!

That magic moment

In your personal statement, mention the moment when you decided you wanted to pursue your profession! Was there an influential person that shaped your life? What is your passion, your goal and your dream? Have you overcome challenges to get this far?

And, don't forget to spell check your personal statement before you submit it!

Real personal statement examples

What your personal statement should contain

A: Personal information

  1. Name
  2. Where you are from
  3. Something about you

B: Academic life

  1. Where you went to school
  2. The degrees you achieved
  3. Academic honours if any, academic highlights

C. Career Goals and achievements to date

  1. What you hope to achieve in your life
  2. A pet project or idea
  3. Achievements you have been proud of

D. Community Projects and Volunteerism and communities awards

E. Summary of Career: Before joining (name of new employer), Voice was the (name of position) at (name of former employer), where he (name your best project or two while there).

F. Use your resume to summarise one liner for other positions you have held and schools attended if not already mentioned.

What not to include in your personal statement

  • Don't try to be funny or make jokes in your statement
  • Don't lie or embellish the truth
  • Don't start every sentence with I
  • Don't use vocabulary you don't normally use and just looked up in a dictionary
  • Don't use famous quotes in your statement
  • Don't say you are going to do something before you come to university
  • Don't take any political viewpoints
  • Don't include your hobbies and interests unless they are relevant
  • Don't write a list of all your hobbies and interests without explaining them
  • Don't repeat things already on your UCAS form