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Our Free Essay and Dissertation Marking Service is designed to help you get feedback and an estimated grade for your final work. Our experts’ feedback will help you pick out the areas of your work needing any improvements or changes.

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Free Marking Service Features

Consistent constructive feedback from a qualified professional

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As well as providing an estimated grade our experts provide detailed feedback on your work. This feedback can be used to help you target areas of your work you need to improve to achieve a higher grade.

If you need some more in depth help and notes, consider our Premium Marking Service.

Qualified lecturers and professionals

All of our experts, including our markers, have proven they are qualified in your subject of study and received their qualification from the same country in which you are studying. This means you can trust us to understand not only the technical language specific to your subject but also the education standards expected in your country. We have experts available from UK, US and Australian academic institutions.

Completely secure and confidential service

When you place a Free Marking Service order, any information supplied is stored in our secure database. You can also choose to stay anonymous by entering an alias instead of your name.

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Why Upgrade To Our Premium Marking and Proofreading Service?

What makes our Premium Marking and Proofreading Service stand out from the rest?

Why upgrade?

While our Free Marking Service offers a great overview of your work and grade, sometimes you need more specific advice. Our Premium Marking and Proofreading Service offers detailed comments alongside your work guiding you though the areas needing improvements including spelling and grammar recommendations. Included in your comments is an estimated achievable grade if our experts’ recommendations are carried out. Our Premium Marking Service also includes a comprehensive plagiarism scan detailing any weakness in referencing or mistaken copied elements allowing you to make suitable corrections before your work is handed in.

Our Premium marking service also guarantees that we will never publish, reuse or resell your work. Read more about publishing Free Marking Orders.

Publishing Free Marking Orders

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Publishing Your Free Marking Order

Help other students achieve academic excellence

What we do with your Free Marking order

Our aim is to be the biggest student help website, doing this requires large amounts of academic writing to help other students just like yourself.

So what does this have to do with your essay? After six months all Free Marking Service orders are published on our website. Yours and other essays will be there to help other students generate ideas and improve their own essay writing skills. We do not charge for access to view the essays and NEVER sell your work on to others.

If you would prefer your work marked without being published and with a host of other great features, try our Premium Marking and Proofreading Service.

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