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When can I expect to download the work on the day it is due?

Typically, we deliver work to our clients between 7pm and 9pm (UK Time). In some cases, the work may be released a little later than this if our Quality Team feel the work needs some alterations. If this is the case, the work may be delivered by midnight at the latest. On some occasions, the researcher may complete the work slightly earlier than agreed. If this occurs, we will notify you and release the work early. Please do not however rely on this as the guarantee is that the work will be delivered within the number of the days you have ordered once the work has been started. We cannot guarantee that it will be delivered early.

Please bear in mind, we cannot release any work until full payment has been received as work has to be manually released; if payment is made outside of our office hours, we wouldn’t be able to release the work until the following morning.

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