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Can I see my work before I make the final payment? / Can I have a draft/plan of my work? / How do I know the work is correct if I can’t see it before I make the final payment?

The completed order can’t be released until the final payment has been received. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide a draft or plan of the work as we can’t release work in instalments. We encourage our clients to provide all the relevant information required before the work is started to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the final piece of work. We have a dedicated team that quality check every order and ensure this is of the standard you have ordered before it is delivered to yourself. The completed work is provided alongside a quality report and plagiarism scan so that you can review this alongside the work.

If, for any reason, the work is not to the standard you would like or you feel information is missing from the order, amendments can be requested. These amendments can be requested once you have received the work and had chance to review it.

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