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Do you offer editing? / Can you edit my work? / Can you paraphrase my work (e.g., from tutor feedback)?

Unfortunately, an editing service isn’t something we offer. This is because the work we provide isn’t for direct submission. We do have a ‘Marking and Proofreading’ service that you may find useful. One of our researchers will thoroughly mark your work, advise what needs to be improved, offer constructive criticism as well as estimate the grade your work would currently be at. This is made clear in our marking form to help you make the changes yourself and improve your work.

Alternatively, we offer the full writing service which you may prefer. The researcher can by all means review the work you have completed and any tutor feedback you may have, however they will be required to complete a full rewrite of your work, ensuring the model answer provided is a brand new, original piece of work. You can use this as a guide to help improve your work based on the feedback you have received.

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