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We have a thorough process from start to finish. As soon as your order has been received, we have a dedicated team that will check through your full order details and ensure we have everything we need to provide you with the perfect model answer. If, for any reason, there might be something missing that will benefit the quality of your work, they’ll request this at the point they’ve checked your order to ensure we have all the information we need to locate a perfect expert.

After this stage, we have a dedicated team that work on finding the best researcher possible for your order. It’s not simply the case that if the researcher is qualified in your subject area then they are suitable and able to help. Each researcher is reviewed by this team and the best possible researcher is then selected to complete the work you have ordered. We also never force our researchers to take on your work. The reasoning behind this is that the best possible researcher for you will be one that is an expert in the specific topic, one that is enthusiastic about the question and one that wants to complete the work.

Once the researcher has completed your work this is then submitted to our Quality team. This team contains a range of experts in a variety of subjects, and there will be an expert in your subject area that will then quality check the work to ensure it is of the grade you have ordered. Once they are satisfied with the work, this will then be made available for you to download, along with a plagiarism scan of the work and a quality report to show the checks that were made on your order.

If you require any changes to the work you have received, we have another team dedicated to these enquiries. All orders come with a standard 7 day amendments period where you can request changes to the work whilst it is fresh in your researcher’s mind.

To support our processes, we have industry leading guarantees that are in place to reflect how confident we are in the service we provide. We guarantee that your work will be plagiarism free, delivered on time and if you don’t get the grade from your tutor, you will get your money back. Full details of our guarantees can be found by clicking here

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