Finance Ratio Calculator

Financial ratios help to determine a company's financial status. Ratio analysis (part of Financial Statement Analysis) is used to gain an understanding of a firm's financial performance in multiple areas. They help make comparisons between:

  • Companies
  • Industries
  • Different time periods for one company
  • A single company and its industry average

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Use the checkboxes and the dropdown below to open the entry fields, in order to calculate the ratios of your choice:

Liquidity ratios are used to assess a company's ability to meet short term commitments using short term assets. The short term contracts are recorded under current liabilities that come with one financial year, short term assets are the current assets.

Asset management ratios, also known as efficiency ratios indicate how well a company uses its assets to generate sales.

Leverage ratios, also known as debt management ratios, measure two aspects of the use of debt financing by the company. It is used to determine the financial leverage used by the company as well as the ability to service its debt obligations.

Profitability ratios, also known as performance ratios, assess a company's ability to make profit from sales, assets and equity.

Valuation ratios indicate the market value of a stock in terms of the company's crucial elements, such as earnings, book value, cash flows and dividends.