The Need For Sexual Abstinence Young People Essay

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Within the last two years seven high school girls between fifteen and eighteen have become pregnant at Quitman High. This is a problem since most pregnant teens do not go to college or even finish high school if this occurs. Two pregnant girls have dropped out with the other five pushing their way through high school and planning to go to college. If Quitman offered an abstinence program, not only would it raise awareness of the effects of teen pregnancy, this program would show high school girls and boys what is at stake for their life, pregnancy, and the spreading of STD's.

If there was one problem that stands out at Quitman High School, it would be the pregnancy rate. When the pregnancy rate started to increase two years ago, Quitman should have got an abstinence program. Abstinence plays a very important role in today's society. One main problem with getting an abstinence program would be that it has religious features and cannot interfere with school hours. Quitman is in the Bible belt, but cannot force anyone to take a religious class. The only way Quitman would be able to maintain a program that contains religious features would be if a student volunteered to teach the class. The school would have to come up with a way where they could find a student to step up to teach this class, as the schools Home Economics teacher Jenny Palmer says "nobody has stepped up to teach a program like abstinence" (Palmer). If nobody steps up to teach an abstinence program, Quitman will more than likely not host the program. Parents would more than likely get upset and mad if the school were to get an abstinence program, because majority of them think their children are perfect. After realizing that this is not a simple situation, pregnancy is getting worse with the passing of time. Knowing that school is a place where kids shape up and form themselves as a prepared person for the future, it would be a logical thing for Quitman High to take part in an abstinence program, when seeing the pregnancy rate increase. The school should be worried about the pregnancy rat the next few years and take responsibility to teach children not to abuse their body and that abstinence is the right way to go. In the United States there are only "thirty five percent of public schools that teach abstinence-only classes" (Landry). If the public schools would look into getting an abstinence-only class the pregnancy rate may possibly decrease. There are many programs to choose from such as "Aspire and True Love Waits, which aim to teach young people that they should commit to abstaining from sex until marriage" (Kanabus). If Quitman High does not take part in an abstinence program, the school should be worried about what students are doing out of school hours.

Every year the pregnancy rate at Quitman High increases, with the impressive fact that girls are getting pregnant at a younger age. Many teens have a different perspective on what sex is really about. More and more teen couples are abusing the things they hear about sex. If teens were taught about abstinence at home there would not be young or older teens getting pregnant. It is not out of reality to see a younger girl with a child, nor a younger guy. Majority of the problems come from the hormones, but abstinence-only programs can teach teens how to keep them under control. There is one case the school knows of, where a tenth grader has gotten pregnant. Know her parents are pressing charges on the guy because he was over the age and also her parents told her to stay away from him. Imagine how hard it would be to support the child and keep a good education or not being able to see the child. Right now at Quitman High there is one teen father that will be in school the first two years of his child's life. With being in school for the first two years of the child's life has to be hard, "Jamie was a teen father at the age of fourteen, he was struggling through high school because he was trying to support his child." (Stewart 38). If a student is having trouble supporting their child while they go to school, more than likely the student will drop out of school and work for the rest of their life. Focusing on the education a person needs and being a teen father or mother must be hard. When teens start having sexual intercourse, the majority of the teenagers regret having sex, as Farrah says "I was not mature enough to be having sex" (Corbett). Today teens think they mature faster, but even though teens are not physically ready to have sex, they do it to fit in and they also think the guy loves them. Younger girls are having "to act grown up and it makes them feel loved" (Palmer). Another big problem would be teen marriage and how teens are getting married at such a young age. Teens have to be ready for a change "Teens must be able to hand changes and be prepared for them" (Ayer 48). Now days all music, movies, and television shows talk about sex. That is where majority of the teenagers are learning about sex. Abstinence is a hundred percent safe and is needed in Quitman. There are many consequences that result in not taking the abstinence-only route. One maid consequence would be having a child, if people are not smart enough to take the abstinence only route the teens have to deal with having a child while in school. Teens keep changing their attitudes about abstinence and if it is the best way to go. Majority of the teen boys make a big deal out of having sex and should see that if they get the girl pregnant it is their responsibilities. If both female and male took the abstinence route, the students would not have to deal with a child or HIVs/STD's.

At Quitman there are no current policies or solutions that are held for the students in Quitman, to learn about abstinence. This put students at a great disadvantage; not only when compared to other districts that do have the policies in place. Seeing that teens are steadily getting pregnant, Quitman would be expected to teach some sort of abstinence class. Teachers and students should be able come up with different ways to teach students about sex. Or strive to make sure their students are more involved with the school activities. Such as the after school program which offer many classes and sports. Since this curriculum is known as a Biblical explanation to life and is based on Christian's viewpoint, it would not request to teens that who are not religious. If there was a policy that would be put in place the school would not have a major problem with the pregnancy rate. Parents and teachers should encourage students to take place in trying to get a current policy that does not get involved with school hours. If that was to happen they should be able to find a student that is willing to run the program and help teens discover the greatness of abstinence. It the policy that is invented that does not work they should propose a different way to keep teens from being sexually active and becoming pregnant. There is so much disagreement on how to support an abstinence-only program in a public school, only because it has religious features.

Here at Quitman there is not a current policy working right at this moment. If there was a current policy students would not be sexually active or getting pregnant. If the school could have a religious based program taught at the school, more than likely there would be some sort of abstinence-only program. If the students then cannot follow the rule they have to face the consequences with having a child. If the school talked about sex in health class, "they would focus more on safe sex and birth control" (Palmer). If that is all the classes focus on, the students would become more curious and want to experience sexual intercourse. The school should have already been thinking about a way to fix the problem even if the class has to be held after school.

The students at Quitman should be required to take any type of parenting class that could prepare the students for a pregnancy if it was to happen in high school or in the near future. The parenting class talks about abstinence and how it is one hundred percent safe and that it is the best way to look at life. If students were to see that the pregnancy rate keeps increasing, and realizes that there are many consequences that come with sexual intercourse. There are many programs, but one good program is called "True Love Waits" (Kanabus). If students were to take this class, they should be required to sign a card that states the students would be abstinence till they got married. Even if parenting, health, or abstinence-only programs are different, abstinence-only programs look to be the best taught in schools. If a student cannot take the courage to step up and create a current policy then teachers should help out with trying to push students to get an abstinence-only program. There are two different routes to take with abstinence. Either the school can have an abstinence-only class or a comprehensive sex education. Abstinence-only program help students learn the social, emotional, and health effects by abstaining from sexual activity. Also this program is the new sexual uprising and should keep growing in population. Although schools are not allowed to have a religious program. There has to be a way to get the school an abstinence-only program. Comprehensive sex education is a program that tells students it is normal to have sex, only because it is part of the natural life. Both of these classes can be combined together, with putting both sides in perspective.

Making a parenting class mandatory for students in Quitman would be very effective on students. This class shows students the different ways the student can prevent sexual activity and pregnancy. It also talks about the birth process and explains to students how much pain the female goes through with the birthing process. If students knew how hard it was to have a child in high school. The best way to avoid sexual activity and becoming pregnant would be to become abstinence. The school can get many abstinence programs, but the best one is called "True Love Waits" which would be one hundred percent effectiveness in Quitman high. This class would teach the students that students need to wait before having sex until they are to get married. This program does not teach about safe sex, because if students are going to be abstinence there is no need to teach about it.

It students was to hear about sexual activity, they would be curious about how to do it and go more in depth with it. To say if Quitman were required to take a parenting class, some parents might be come up set because they would think their own child would not need a class that teaches them about sex. One main problem with making a parenting class required for students would be how curious the students would be and if they would go out and become sexual. With getting an abstinence program one main problem would be if the student was religious