Schools for Autistic Children

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When I was eight years old, and found out that my mom was pregnant with my baby brother, I was so happy. I was an only child so when I found out that I was going to have a new baby brother I couldn't wait for him to be born. I thought of all the great things that I was going to do with him, like playing with him and teaching him all the great things I knew. When he was finally born, I was so happy that I stayed by him every chance I got. He was so little and cute that I didn't expect him to turn out differently. When he turned one, he could say a few words like "Bapa", "Mami", and "Ebil". Those and other words were the ones that he could say. At the time, we didn't really notice why he just said a few words and not sentences. When he finally turned three and he's speech just stopped completely, that was when we were curious. My aunties were curious as well and told my mother to bring him to the doctor to get him checked. When my parents and my brother returned, my parents were sad.

That was when I learned for the first time that my brother is autistic. I didn't really know what it meant then, so I didn't really mind. When time went by and my brother didn't make any progress that's when I told myself that this is a serious thing. I didn't want to admit it to myself that my brother had a disorder, but I couldn't lie to myself any longer either. I promised myself that I would try my best to help my brother and try my best to teach him to be normal.

School for autistic children should be implanted in our society. This school will be a solution for autistic children who are having trouble interacting with normal children. It will also be a way for parents to understand their children more and learn ways how to help them.The school will also help the government take charge and help children that are in need. This opportunity would make them realize that they are children like them too and they shall try and work hard to learn because their families are with them all the way.

The government shall help fund for the upbringing of the school for autistic children. It should look for interested teachers who love to work and help special needs children. The government should buy supplies for the school. For example, books, cards, and related things that is useful for the teachings of autistic children. It should build classrooms that are needed for autistic children. With the help of the government, the school for all autistic children could come about.

The main focus of the teachers would be on the autistic children only. This is very important because they would be focused on educating them and the teacher's attention wouldn't be divided. It will also give them all the time to teach them the most needed skills. Like what Jennifer Wagaman said in Strategies to Help Autistic Children in School from, "Efforts should be made to gently teach the child how to cope with changes in a routine." Autistic children usually get bored when they do the same thing over and over again. Teachers should find a lot of ways to help them enjoy learning. Jennifer Wagaman mentioned that, "Have the class routine written down so that you can refer to the schedule often throughout the day." ( This technique would help the children know what time it is and what they are supposed to do at that particular time.

Having the autistic children school would give the parents easy opportunity to work with the teachers in helping their children. The parents would know the technique on how to teach their own child. In How To Teach Autistic Children, Andy Humphrey said, "People have three basic learning styles. Visual learners, auditory learners, kinesthetic learners… Autistic kids, however, often focus on only one of these methods sometimes to the complete exclusion of the other two." The parents would then work with the teachers to find out what style do their children use. The children would know that their parents want to help them learn and succeed. They would be more eager to learn and impress their parents. With the help of their parents, they could learn faster. The children would also understand that they need to study at home with their parents. When they go home, their parents could take the time to teach their children and learn from them as well. The children wouldn't forget what they learned in school and the learning process could go on quickly.

Therefore, school for autistic children only should be implanted in our society to help our children learn, interact, and understand life. The school could be a great impact on autistic children, their parents, teachers, and even the society. It could help teach the children and their parents as well. It would be amazing to help these children because in the long run, they would also be a big help to the society.

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